How The Left Is Reopening The Abortion Debate In Canada

Recently, in a piece for the National Post, senior political columnist Andrew Coyne remarked on how the Trudeau government's Summer Jobs edict has tremendously backfired on them. As he so aptly put it:


Recently, in a piece for the National Post, senior political columnist Andrew Coyne remarked on how the Trudeau government’s Summer Jobs edict has tremendously backfired on them. As he so aptly put it:

“The primary effect of the government’s ham-handed attempt to banish abortion opponents to the margin of Canadian society has been to give them the most sympathetic hearing they have had in years, even from a media that leans overwhelmingly in favour of abortion rights.”

Indeed, in spite of their best efforts to quash any and all debate on abortion, Trudeau and his Liberal government’s decision to make Canadians sign away their personal beliefs in favour of the government’s position, has had the opposite effect.

The Trudeau Liberals are not alone in their efforts. Leftist politicians and student councils from across Canada have been ramping up the fight against any position on abortion other than unlimited, on demand, taxpayer-funded access.

To start off, let’s consider the Notley government’s recent bid to enact bubble zone legislation around abortion clinics across the province. 

Despite a numerous amount of other legislative ventures the government could have undertaken, they have chosen to pursue a ban on protesting near abortion clinics.

While this may be an important issue for some Albertans, I can’t help but think that there are bigger issues at hand.

The main advocacy group behind the bill, the Kensington Clinic in Calgary, has already had a ban in place since 2002 thanks to a court injunction.

Despite the Alberta Health Minister’s claims to the contrary, this move to enact legislation dealing with abortion clinics is clearly nothing other than a classic example of wedge politics from a government facing a very popular opposition party.

For UCP leader Jason Kenney, as someone who has held a strong pro-life position throughout his political career, this upcoming legislation will be a tricky test for him and his caucus and will surely spark debate as to how they shall vote.

Notley isn’t the only one using abortion as a political tool, however.

You may recall that similar legislation was enacted and passed by the Wynne government in Ontario last fall. This legislation was rolled out along the same lines, as a way for a desperate and unpopular government to put the pressure on more popular conservative opposition.

The bill, while passing with the support of all three major parties minus a few notable absentations, certainly raised the issue of abortion again as well as the questions surrounding the freedom of speech and freedom of expression of anti-abortion protestors.

As you can see, it is becoming a bit of a trend for Leftist politicians to raise the issue of abortion in order to quash the diversity of views on the topic or to distract from their own governmental failures.

Sadly though this drive to quash diversity is not only from politicians.

University student councils from across the country are also continuing to raise the topic of abortion ironically through their efforts to shut down the debate on it.

Pro-Life campus clubs at U of Ottawa, U of Brandon and UOIT have all had their official club status stripped of them within the past two years by their student associations.

Every time these student associations take it upon themselves to target pro-life groups, the result has been only more publicity and sympathy for the pro-life groups and another court case for the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms to litigate.

The continued attempts by Leftist politicians and students councils to shut down speech and debate on abortion have actually resulted in pro-choice individuals speaking up and defending pro-lifers rights to express their views.

Following Trudeau’s Summer Jobs edict, many pro-choice writers across the mainstream media condemned the government’s decision, with some even going so far as to call it unconstitutional.

Even more incredibly, in a public debate on abortion emceed by noted free speech advocate Lindsay Shepherd (who is pro-choice herself), abortionist Dr. Fraser Fellows remarked that Trudeau’s attempt to shut down debate on abortion was “a serious shortcoming.”

In a beautifully ironic twist of fate, it seems that after a decade of Harper, who avoided debate on abortion like the plague, it’s only taken two years for the ardently pro-choice Trudeau to reignite the ever passionate abortion debate.


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  1. “Abortion rights”!?
    What, you mean the state grants people the “right” to murder an innocent baby in the womb – for convenience sake – by tearing it limb from limb – literally, crushing it’s little skull and ending it’s life. That’s a ‘right”?
    I’d say that’s a wrong and you explain to God why you’re murdering and butchering all his children…in the name of narcissistic convenience!

    1. Lethal child abuse of small defenseless human beings in the ‘privacy’ of an abortion clinic is everybody’s business.

      Privacy cannot be invoked to conceal human right abuse of children, including violations of their rights to prenatal care, survival and development.

      Human rights law has consistently rejected the right to privacy as a defense against human rights violations by adults in positions of power over children in positions of dependency.

      No human being has ownership and killing rights over another human being, no matter how small, or dependent or troublesome or ‘unwanted’.

    1. You are mistaken, John.

      The truly ‘fascist’ abortion law, introduced into Nazi Germany, removed legal protection from all Jewish children in utero and from all unborn children in Poland and the Eastern Territories.

      The Nazi record of “encouraging abortion” was still fresh in the public perception when the Universal Declaration was drafted. Instructions by Nazi authorities issuing directives to decriminalize abortion were furnished as evidence at the Nuremberg Trials for the count of crimes against humanity.

      Procured abortion constitutes arbitrary deprivation of life in breach of international human rights law, as established via the Nuremberg judgments and their codification in the International Bill of Rights. “…the unborn children were denied legal protection” (Nuremberg Trials Record).

      In the founding international human rights instruments following the Nazi atrocities, “every child” at risk of abortion was given formal universal recognition as a legitimate subject of human rights, including entitlement to legal protection “before as well as after birth”.

    2. Your comment stuns me. How can you be in support of a practice that is purely selfish. Taking another humans life because you can’t handle being a parent? You can’t handle the natural consequences of sex? How can you even show your face in public? How dare you call me a fascist when you don’t know me from Eve? Wow man….. you are one sorry sort!

  2. SOMEDAY, someone is going to explain to me why groups dedicated to the rights of women think abortion is of overwhelming benefit to women. Seven years working with a number of abused women have only served to convince me that the chief beneficiaries of abortion are the dead beat boyfriends and laughing abortion doctors, while the women are left to deal with severe depression and trauma.

  3. when there is no rape , when there is pain free delivery of a baby, which no man has any idea of , when there is no abuse of tiny children by men, like we read about every day , when all children are fed, clothed, and protected, then mankind can voice their opinion on abortion.

  4. Without children there is no future… Abortion is presented as a right, but it’s a right to kill. It would be nice if those unborn children and their fathers had a say in the matter.

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