Hillel Neuer ROASTS Justin Trudeau, calls apology to dead Jews cheap

Justin Trudeau might be apologizing to the Jewish community a little too late for Hillel Neuer's taste. Check out how the Prime Minister got burned by the UN watchdog.


In 1939, during the devastation of the Second Great War, Jews from all over Nazi-Europe endeavoured to run away and find solace in the great democracy that is Canada (see: CBC and antisemitism in Canada).

Unfortunately for many of these Jews, they were turned away by Canada and many of them, without a place to go, would meet the end of their respective destinies.

The Roast

Nearly eight decades after this most unfortunate tragedy, Justin Trudeau is said to apologize on November 7th, for Canada’s decision.

Hillel Neuer, the United Nations watchdog and director of UN Watch, took to Twitter to express his distaste in Trudeau’s behaviour on the world stage in regards to Canada’s stance on Israel.

In his tweet, Neuer quotes the late Charles Krauthammer, an extraordinarily insightful medical doctor and Conservative-Zionist pundit.  Neuer schools Trudeau, laying into him that mourning dead Jews is easy and cheap.

Neuer suggests that the Canadian Prime Minister should get his act together, help the living six million Jews in Israel, and apologize for abstaining on the United Nations General Assembly’s June 13th decision to condemn Israel for the nation’s self-defence against Hamas terror.

The U.N. bias

Despite harsh objections by the United States, a vote at the UN on June 13, 2018, passed and a resolution to condemn Israel for supposedly acting too harshly in self-defence, as well as a plan to protect Palestinian “civilians” were introduced.  120 votes in favour for the resolution, eight votes against and 45 abstentions.

Instead of voting against the resolution that singled out and demonized the Jewish State in front of the world stage, Canada decided not to play sides and abstained from voting.  I do not really understand how a first world democracy like Canada can sit on the sidelines of a major global crisis that affects Canadians as well.  For example, Trudeau and the rest of the Canadian media were apparently concerned when a Canadian doctor was shot in Israel, that “doctor” was actually a member of Hamas, a listed terrorist organization by the government of Canada.

This, demonstrably, indicates that the Canadian leadership is not necessarily on Israel’s side even though Trudeau seems to be vocal about standing with Israel.  In reality, and as you can see in the video below, it has only been the Conservatives and their party leader, Andrew Scheer, who are making noise in their unapologetic defence of their democratic peers in the Middle East.

For more on this, stick with us, here at The Post Millennial.

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  1. If Justin Trudeau is so passionate about supporting Israel, why did Canada Abstain from supporting Israel at the UN general assembly meeting on June 13th. Justin Trudeau is the biggest hyprocrite as now he wants to apologize to the Jewish people for Canada’s mistake of turning the Jews away. Like Mr. Neuer said, Help the living Jews now , it’s too late for the dead ones.

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