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Greta Thunberg continues chastising Canada, next stop Vancouver
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Greta Thunberg continues chastising Canada, next stop Vancouver 

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Controversial climate activist Greta Thunberg will appear at the Vancouver climate strike planned for this Friday.

According to a release by organizers, “the movement will take to the streets again this Friday for a post-election climate strike featuring local Indigenous activists.”

Organizers told CTV News that the purpose of the event is to ensure that climate action remains a top priority for politicians following the federal election.

Thunberg has been touring Canada for several weeks, having made stops in major cities nationwide. September’s Montreal march brought out an estimated 500,000 people participate, with last week’s Edmonton march seeing over 10,000 people congregate.

Thunberg, a figurehead for climate change activists globally, has made waves since her initial splash in Sweden. In late 2018, Thunberg began the school climate strikes and public speeches for which she has become an internationally recognized climate activist, skipping out on class to raise awareness.

Not everyone is a fan of Thunberg’s antics, though. A mural of Thunberg painted in downtown Edmonton was vandalized with pro-oil graffiti only days after it’s completion. As CBC cameras collected footage of the event, local resident James Bagnall etched the words “Stop the Lies. This is Oil Country!!!” across Thunberg’s face.

Greta Thunberg in Edmonton. (Photo: Greta Thunberg/Instagram)

“This is Alberta. This is oil country. My father has worked in the oil industry. We don’t need foreigners coming in and telling us how to run our business, support our families, put food on our tables,” Bagnall told CBC.

Only hours later, another man defaced the wall with a more vulgar message, calling Greta a “petite salop,” a French vulgarity

Though not popular everywhere in Canada, Vancouver, is expected to accept Thunberg’s message more openly than some other cities out west. Vancouver has already had numerous climate protests in the last few months.

On September 27, hoards gathered outside Vancouver City Hall to march into downtown for the General Strike for Climate Justice.

(Photo: Greta Thunberg/Instagram)

An October 7 event, this time by Extinction Rebellion, shut down important veins of traffic such as the Burrard Street Bridge. Another event by Extinction Rebellion saw downtown Vancouver shut down after a small group of protesters marched through the city’s core.

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