GoFundMe campaigns for Gerald Stanley and Colton Boushie both cross $130,000

It seems like the case of Gerald Stanly and Colton Boushie will likely become an extremely bitter and divided topic in Canada as the GoFundMe campaigns for both individuals crossed $130,000 of support within 3 days of launch. 

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It seems like the case of Gerald Stanly and Colton Boushie will likely become an extremely bitter and divided topic in Canada as the GoFundMe campaigns for both individuals crossed $130,000. Although it is important to note that Stanley’s page grew within 3 days of launch while Boushie’s did start in September.

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This rapid but equal growth in support could show that Canadians are rapidly becoming engaged and enraged in regards to this situation but that ultimately the issue is evenly split between supporters of both groups.

Background: A jury in Battleford, Sask., Friday found Gerald Stanley not guilty of second-degree murder in the 2016 death of 22-year-old Colten Boushie, a resident of the Red Pheasant First Nation.

Trial: The trial heard that Boushie was shot in the head while he was sitting in an SUV that had been driven onto Stanley’s farm near Biggar, Sask.

Victim Testimony: The SUV driver testified the group had been drinking during the day and tried to break into a truck on a neighbouring farm, but went to the Stanley property to ask for help with a flat tire.

Stanlys Comment: Stanley, 56, testified that he fired warning shots to scare the group off. He said the fatal shot occurred when he reached into the SUV to grab the keys out of the ignition and his gun “just went off.”

Politics involved: The federal Conservatives are accusing Justin Trudeau of “political interference,” after the prime minister responded to the acquittal of a white farmer in the death of a young Indigenous man by saying the criminal justice system has to “do better.”


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  1. What is a national shame is when Alfred Wagner of Bonnyville, AB was murdered in his home by thieves who came onto his land to steal a pick-up truck. What’s a national shame is when an elderly woman from Debden, SK is beaten with a wooden baseball bat in her own home by thieves. What’s a national shame is when Kirk DeSchryver from Denzil, SK is ran over twice by thieves on his farm who were there to steal his ATV. What’s a national shame is when Ian Thompson’s Port Colborne, ONT farmhouse is firebombed with maltov cocktails by tresspassers. What’s a national shame is when at 2 am a pregnant mother near Hardisty, AB hears her vehicle start up on her farm she goes out to investigate and has a loaded gun pointed at her as the thieves leave her property.

    What is a national shame is that people living in rural areas have to fear for their lives when they hear a vehicle roll up on their driveway. Is this someone looking for help, is this a friend, or is this someone here to steal your stuff, burn your house down, assualt you, ram you with a vehicle, trash your property or even murder you?

    What is a national shame is when a man doing some daily chores with his son on his farm is forced to defend his family and his home when a vehicle with 5 black-out drunk violent thieves with a loaded weapon, on a crime spree involving multiple victims decide to come on to his property, ram his vehicles, attempt to steal property and use their vehicle to try and hit the people living there.

    What is a national shame is when the media and politicians then use the dead criminal as a prop to further divide a country, to race bait, to demonize rural citizens, to decieve, to try and distract from the actual problem of unchecked rural crime, to promote an atmosphere tense with fear and anger, to shut down any discussion by calling people racist.

    In any of those situations who would hesitate to defend their family by any means necessary? If we stop looking at this issue through a coloured lense we can see the problem for what it truly is.

    1. Very well said!! When we have a prime minister who will use a hoax hijab story to further his agenda we then have a situation where actual truth may be inconvenient to him and others in his government. We really need to wake up as a country in time to save it!!

    2. Great insight!!! This whole issue being used as a racial prop is complete horseshit, especially from that moron Justin Trudeau and his idiot clones that need to be tossed out of power now, before our country is completely divided and destroyed. A criminal was accidentally killed and an innocent victim was fairly acquitted by a jury of his peers in a court of law. Case closed.

    3. That is the problem !!! I live on arural property and havelost two quads to thieves and now tobuy one and then insure it will cost twice the price of buying it then if it is stollen again there will be no insurance !!! I am a senior and am afraid to go outside at night !!!!! I love living in the country but cannot protect myself and my family and posesions any more !!!! What to do now ??

    4. This is NOT about race. There are four adults who have a Direct role in the death of their friend. Their criminal activity was the Direct cause.. If they are white, purple, pink, yellow or whatever; they are the ones to blame.
      Based on the evidence; Stanely did nothing wrong. That is not to say, he did not do anything wrong…..
      The jury went by the evidence

      The Race card cannot be played…it causes problems. Prove the race card before it is said
      Trudeu is Wrong

    5. Very well said. Why weren’t these crimes given as much air time as the Boushie one? The reason is there is a double standard when it comes to personal responsibility we expect from different segments of the population. We have heard very little comment on the criminal activity of the people in this case which brought them into this farm in the first place. If they had been in school or working at something productive they would not have been in the Stanley yard.

    6. so every native is a drunken theif is what i got from your rant? get your facts straight you dont point loaded guns at a person without intent to kill just sound like a racist to me

      1. No …every native that drinks to excess and steal’s is a drunken thief…or is that to hard for you to understand?
        As for your gun comment, cops have to point a loaded gun at people every day without intent to kill…so by your comment thier racist to.
        Many native’s don’t take care of there own, so they must be racist against there own kind. This is where the core problem lie’s.

      1. No, Racists like the HATE group FSIN and that RACIST Chief Cameron!

        Reconciliation will NEVER happen as long as racists like Chief Cameron is leading the narrative!

        Chief Cameron called for the KILLING of Gerald Stanley!
        How is THAT not Hateful RACISM????

        And HUNDREDS of death threats against the Stanleys.

        Mr. Stanley was doing NOTHING illegal, minding his own business, NEVER threatened anyone, and a carload of drunken Thieves and Thugs came to HIS Yard to TERRORIZE them.

        now that the evidence is out, was can see those home invaders were LYING about vehicle trouble.
        They were NOT looking for help, they were looking to STEAL another vehicle.

        What would YOU suggest a Rural resident do in that situation?

    1. WRONG!

      he died because Mr Stanley believed Boushie had tried to run his wife over with a truck.

      Think about how stupid you sound parroting the lying false narrative of the FSIN and others!

      This was not about race, NEVER was!

  2. Very well said. I too, live in rural Sk ,not far away from where this incident occurred and have experienced mutiple thefts and acts of vandalism also. We do not have a racism problem in Sk., we have an unchecked crime problem here. North Battleford has the highest reported crime rate in the country, but one has to keep in mind that many crimes go unreported because nothing will be done about it as the police forces be it urban or rural will tell you to contact your insurance people. Don’t laugh, it happened to me. Yes, there have to be changes. They need to start with the elders, red and/or white giving proper guidances to their children, then the communities, then the local governments, then the provincial governments and then finally the federal governments. The graft and corruption must stop. It is reported that the Red Pheasant reserve has a brand new skating rink that sits abandoned due to lack of volunteers and interest. One hundred miles south, in Kyle Sk. community volunteers built and run their local rink all winter long. Kyle only has a population of 400 people who take pride in their community and work hard to keep it alive. Yes, we need changes but not what First Nations people are advocating. There is rampant drug and alcohol abuse in our society that is driving a crime wave, and the parents are the first people who can do something about it.

  3. Canada is slowly becoming a shithole becoz of opportunistic politicians like troudeau and Jagmeet Singh. I am an international student who lived in 4 different provinces in last 5 years.The GOOD Canadians helped me in countless situations but been ripped off and deceived by Indigenous and Muslim Canadians.

  4. Jane Wenkoff, No one here is justifying the young man’s death. They are all simply describing incidents that have actually occurred in the daily life of rural Canadians. Why should any of us have to live in fear? Neither you nor I know what happened that day on the farm. But the man said that when he could not see his wife, and did not know if she had been hurt, he felt “sheer terror “. That feeling of terror is what this tragic incident is all about. It’s not about trespassing or stealing “stuff”. If I felt that my husband or son were in mortal danger I would not hesitate to do whatever I could to protect them.

  5. Its those opportunitists that are turning things around to suit there anenda the story is simple 4-5 pieces of trash came to rob him and take what they wanted. I have nothing against any origins but trash comes in all colors even white we need stiffer laws our great country is getting destroyed

  6. What do conservatives have to do with it??? It is about decency and respect!!! I don’t care of you are pea green purple..if it isn’t yours…don’t touch it!

  7. Justin Trudeau, Judy Wilson Rayboldt (?) Old Ralph Goodale and the old girl with the red glasses should keep their mouths shut until they look at the facts. Do they know that all the ones involved included Bouchie are part of a gang on Red Pheasant? They are all related to the the chiefs past or present …with the exception of one who have been charged with corruption. Nearly all have one sort of charge or another against them. The poor mom…Debbie Baptiste who is so indignant about all this…why didn’t she go after her chief to get him to fix the sewer in her trailer so the poop wasn’t just getting flushed under the trailer??? I am so sick of…but he is my cuzzin…I luv him! And stupid Trudeau removed the accountability from the corrupt chiefs!

  8. If i remember correctly colton was involved in a auto theft and beating of two females in 2005 seems like he got away and reoffended.

    1. Auto theft, illegal use of a PROHIBITED weapon, impaired driving.
      the other driver: Dangerous driving, Impaired driving, illegal use of a prohibited weapon, possession of a weapon while banned from doing so, Excessive speeding, attempted auto theft, attempted ATV theft.
      the Girls, illegal use of a prohibited weapon, Assault causing bodily harm.
      the other male: illegal use of a prohibited weapon,attempted auto theft.

      and that was just on the ONE day in question!

      and we are yet to hear ANY charges for them…..

      we indeed have a Two Tiered Legal (there is NO Justice) System.
      Just read up on R. v Gladue

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