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Free speech can bridge our political divide

Free speech can bridge our political divide 

With the near rejection of establishment liberal politics leading to the election of Trump and the leftward swing of the Democratic party, the political sphere seems more divided than ever. This is a wonderful phenomenon, as it has led to the propagation of more diverse opinions in mainstream politics. It has also, however, led to a lot of ignorance and hatred between the political wings. The best way to bridge this gap is to support the notion of freedom of speech. The best way to do this is for people on all sides of the political spectrum to follow and befriend those on their opposite wings.

My belief in such a solution arose when I began attending my university in 2017. At that time I was a staunch Soviet-style communist. I joined my campus New Democrats (which was the most left I could go in mainstream politics) in 2018. I refused to politically engage with my Liberal and Conservative friends. 

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