Free agent hockey player compares Nike-ad to 9/11

A free agent hockey player comments on the Nike-Kaepernick ad and he might have gone a little too far.

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The new Colin Kaepernick and Nike ad campaign is all everyone seems to be discussing.

Speaking out against the decision to sign Kaepernick to the Nike deal, a hockey player by the name of David Booth, who is currently a free agent but used to play for the Vancouver Canucks, tweeted that the tagline could somehow be used to encourage violence:

The theory behind the tagline was obviously not meant to encourage violence, nor was it meant to either give authority to or excuse terrorism like 9/11, and other forms of dangerous behaviour, but we see Booth’s point.

The only issue is, he might have gone a little too far for his following.

Quite a number of people engaged with the athlete on the social media platform and judged him for the tweet.  One Twitter user claimed Booth gave other hockey players a negative reputation and the same user sarcastically commended the athlete as brave for tweeting the message around midnight.

While the tensions continue to rise amidst the controversy, we are reminded that Nike is very strategically advertising their products, in a very intelligently capitalist fashion, targeting a demographic who vocally support anti-capitalist politics, like Colin Kaepernick himself who openly praises Fidel Castro.

Ultimately, psychology professor and frequent contributor for the National Review and the New York Times Opinion columns, Clay Routledge said it best:

More on this story at The Post Millennial.


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