Fredericton Widow Calls Trudeau “Piece of S- – -“ During Condolence Call

Melissa Robichaud has no regrets about the way she responded to the Prime Minister during a phone call Wednesday.

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Melissa Robichaud has no regrets about the way she responded to the Prime Minister during a phone call Wednesday.

Justin Trudeau called Robichaud Wednesday to offer his condolences after last week’s shooting in Fredericton which left four dead, including her husband Donnie.

On the Sunday following the shooting, Trudeau visited Fredericton to pay his respects publicly to the two officers who were killed during the attack.

Robichaud and her family were hurt that the PM did not reach out to them despite being in the city and so when she received a call 3 days later from Trudeau to express his condolences, she decided to voice her displeasure with his handling of the situation.

“So I said so what. They wear a vest, they carry a gun, that makes them more important than one of us? I called him a piece of (expletive),”

Robichaud said that her two children felt as though their late father was made to seem less important than the two officers, and that was the reason she used that kind of language.

“Honestly I just lost my husband and my kids have just lost their father. My son put it on Facebook how hurt he was that he (Trudeau) was in town and he couldn’t even find a phone number to call and give his condolences or anything like that.”

The Prime Minister’s Office confirmed that Trudeau had spoken to Melissa Robichaud, however they were tight lipped on exactly what was said during the call.

“The Prime Minister reached out to personally offer his condolences to the families of the victims,” said PMO spokeswoman Chantal Gagnon “We cannot imagine what they are going through. He offered our support to the families and will continue to do so.”

Robichaud has admitted that even before the events of the last two weeks she was already not a fan of Trudeau, and this has seemingly only added to her dislike of him.

“Oh my God no,” she responded when asked if she had any remorse for her handling of the situation “If he was here I would say it again to his face.”


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