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Four things Justin Trudeau should be apologizing for

Our Prime Minister likes to apologize a lot, especially when it’s not for his own actions. The latest apology was for the turning away of the MS St. Louis during WWII. The ship was carrying 907 German Jews onboard who were fleeing Nazi persecution but was rejected entry into the country by Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King. While the event was an unfortunate historic display of indifference to suffering on behalf of Canada, the Prime Minister’s words fail to look like anything other than a ploy to actually appear like he’s doing something for once.

For Justin Trudeau, it’s easier to apologize to the dead than to those expecting him to lend them his support. Several voices in the Jewish community have turned their backs on the Prime Minister’s apology claiming that it’s not enough. As of late, Canada hasn’t been on the best of terms with Israel. Trudeau’s refusal to relocate an embassy to Jerusalem and his comments on the recent violence along the Israel-Gaza border has served to strain relationships between the two friendly countries.

Over-apologizing is a tell-tale sign of a guilty conscience. Perhaps if he were to sincerely apologize for these four mistakes Justin Trudeau might have some peace of mind instead.

1. Groping a woman in 2000

Earlier this year an 18-year old editorial surfaced claiming that a female reporter was groped by a 34 year old Justin Trudeau at a music festival in Creston, B.C.

Although Trudeau has taken a decidedly pro-feminist angle to his government, the Prime Minister has been oddly dismissive about the entire affair claiming he does not remember any “negative interactions”. While I’m sure Mr. Trudeau hopes the entire situation quietly goes away leading into the 2019 elections, and the victim, Jill Knight has decided to put the past behind her, the public is less forgiving.

To be fair, Justin Trudeau did apologize to Jill Knight after the unfortunate incident and I am also sure he probably had a lot of apologizing to do to his wife Sophie after the story broke out, he still has yet to set the public record straight and admit his past mistakes to the nation.

2. Tweeting #WelcometoCanada

Politicking via Twitter is a sure fire way to land yourself on the wrong side of public opinion. Since the poorly thought out tweet the US-Canada border situation has reached crisis levels according to a majority of people polled on the issue. Provinces are asking for more help from the federal government to deal with the recent influx of illegal migrants and pressure is ramping within parliament for a solution.

Justin Trudeau has landed the government in between a rock and a hard place because of his foolish virtue signalling. Other people are left dealing with his mess and it will end up costing the taxpayer in the end. Yet despite it all Justin still continues to allow illegal border crossings to take place even going so far as making the country more accessible to those seeking to jump the border.

3. Making Omar Khadr a multimillionaire

Justin Trudeau asked Canadians to “remain angry” about the government’s decision to settle with Omar Khadr, a former Al-Qaeda affiliate for $10.5 million CAD in 2017.

Despite Khadr’s direct involvement in the death of U.S. Army sergeant Christopher Speer, Justin Trudeau was willing to overlook due process of court and hand over tax payer money to Mr. Khadr before any court decision was in place. At this point Trudeau needs to apologize to taxpayers and Sgt. Speer’s family for the result of his decisions.

4. His treatment of Canadian veterans

While the federal government continuously blows money on avoidable consequences, the federal government is continuing the fight against disabled veterans in the Supreme Court.

Early this year Trudeau told veterans that they are asking for “more than than Ottawa can afford”. Justin Trudeau has yet to play fair with Canadians who have risked their lives and health for the nation and instead decides to fight them in court while readily giving syphoning money out to former terrorists.

When will Justin Trudeau apologize for his government’s treatment of veterans and lack of support to those laying down their lives for the nation’s security?

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