Two gay women have posted photos of the aftermath of an alleged assault on a London bus.

Melania Geymonat, 28, took to Facebook on Wednesday to detail the attack by five men after Geymonat and her girlfriend refused to play along and kiss as they contend their attackers requested.

Geymonat told police that they were attacked by four men, aged 15 to 18 who have since been apprehended.

London police are corroborating the women’s story about the assault and battery on a West Hampstead bus they boarded.

“I don’t know yet if my nose is broken, and I haven’t been able to go back to work, but what upsets me the most is that violence has become a common thing,” Geymonat wrote.

In a statement released Friday afternoon, Detective Superintendent Andy Cox called the attack “disgusting.”

“This was a disgusting attack on two women who appear to have been picked out and targeted by a group of youths,” writes Cox. “The suspects have made a number of homophobic comments towards the couple before throwing coins at them. When the women tried to reason with the group, the attack escalated to an assault.”

London mayor Sadiq Khan tweeted the following after the attack:

A fifth teenager has since been arrested in relation to the incident.