Former University of Manitoba Students Wanted for Terrorist Activities

Their specific objective for joining the Taliban was to fight and kill NATO( which includes Canadian) soldiers in Afghanistan. 

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The RCMP and European Interpol are looking for two former University of Manitoba students terrorist activities.

Ferid Ahmed Imam was studying Biochemistry at the University of Manitoba. He was considered to be a well-liked and had no involvement in criminal activity prior to leaving Canada.

In March 2007, Imam left Canada for Pakistan where he became involved as a weapons instructor at a terrorist training camp aligned with Al Qaida.

According to RCMP interviews, Imam was positively identified as an Al Qaida weapons instructor using the alias “Yousef”.

The second individual involved, Maiwand Yar who was studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Manitoba.

In 2007, it is believed that Yar departed Canada with accomplice Ferid Ahmed Imam for Pakistan.

According to witnesses, Yar advised that he and Imam were going to ally themselves with the Taliban and attend a terrorist training camp in order to receive instruction on firearms, explosives and guerrilla warfare.

Yanky Pollak

Yanky Pollak is a young energetic activist, with a strong voice for the community. He has been involved in multiple political campaigns and has worked very closely with many political figures. He works as a freelance photographer.

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