Former Rebel Staff Member Blasts Ezra in Youtube Video

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It seems like the Rebel’s tough week is only beginning as another staff member has left but under far less pleasant terms. Caolan Robertson posted on his youtube channel today a large tell exposing the Rebel media for not only fraudulent reporting but also fraudulent fundraising.

Caolan explains that the Rebel fundraised on the dime of working individual not with the goal to actually develop anything, but rather to grow the company bottom line. He further explained that the Canada Revenue Agency is actually auditing the company due to suspected fraudulent fundraising.

Hush Money

The reporter further displays what may be the most horrifying aspects of this story, Ezra on tape discussing in his own words the “hush money”  that would be paid to Caolan to make sure he would not speak on the dismissals of Laura Southern or themselves.

Mass Exodus

Coalan is also only the newest ex-employee in what is becoming a longer and longer list. As earlier on even Co-Founder Brian Lilley announced his resignation from the firm.

Whats your opinion on this issue?

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*Ezra has now published his response to the Youtuber in question. An update will be posted on our site shortly.


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  1. Seems to be another side to this issue. Sounds like Ezra is starting legal action against this man and his partner and things may not be quite as one sided as being made out. Check out the Rebel site for the other side.

  2. Wow, colour me suspicious. This reeks of one of the most atrocious examples of using a sensationalist hit piece as a fundraiser I’ve ever encountered.
    What the heck does a “news that matters” expose of the Rebel have to do with that he is starting a new newscaster and pleading for donations. There’s some integrity buried in there somewhere? I think not.

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