Former Prime Minister Chretien says Charter of Rights provides protections in regards to Bill 62


Former prime minister Jean Chretien has likely pointed out that he is against bill 62 by saying that the federal Charter of Rights and Freedoms must apply in every circumstance.

Speaking with reporters in Montreal on Wednesday, Chretien was asked what he thought of the recently adopted Quebec law that bans the wearing of face coverings when public services are exchanged.

Chretien did not respond directly saying he would remain neutral but said the charter offers the maximum number of rights to citizens. Likely pointing to an overall opposition to the bill.

Legal Battles: The law is being fought in court by the National Council of Canadian Muslims and the Canadian Civil Liberties Association.

National Support: an October 27 Ipsos poll found that 76% of Quebecers backed Bill 62, with 24% opposing it. The same survey found the 68% of Canadians, in general, supported a law similar to Bill 62 in their part of Canada. An October 27 Angus Reid Institute poll found that 70% Canadians outside of Quebec supported “legislation similar to Bill 62” where they lived in the country, with 30% opposing it.



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