Former National Post Writer Alleges CBC used “NDA’s” and “Hush Money” to protect Peter Mansbridge


A former writer for the National Post is now alleging that there may be some level of public funds used by the CBC to ensure both NDA’s and hush money are used to keep relationships Peter Mansbridge has had with his staff private.

He alleges that the Globe has also been preparing to investigate this issue.

The former journalist wrote:

“The media in Canada has known about this for over a year. I was recently let go from a contract with the National Post after my reporting prompted Peter Mansbridge’s lawyers to file a cease and desist letter.

This story is not about Mansbridge having inter-office flings. Nobody has said those affairs were not consensual. What’s important is that it looks like those affairs are protected by non-disclosure agreements that include paying the women involved with Mansbridge hush money. This is an open secret, but lawyers and crisis management firms are not letting the story break.”

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  1. NDA’s. AH! Non Disclosure Agreements…I get it now. That aside, doesn’t the CBC realize that it is OUR tax money that is paying this ‘hush money’? Nice little billion dollar bump in the subsidy you got there CBC. Is that hush money for keeping you quiet for Trudeau?

  2. I.m not surprised. He being part of the elitist media and political class believe that they are better that the rest of us, and that they are entitled to be treated differently.

  3. All of the allegations made by James Di Fiore about CBC are categorically untrue.

    Chuck Thompson
    Head of Public Affairs

  4. Since the CBC is publicly funded, we should demand that he answers a few questions about all this, especially if our tax dollars were used to pay anyone out! Maybe he could be Wendy Mesley’s first guest on her new show coming up, being that she always claims to want to get to the “bottom” of things, or the “truth” behind the story. Here ya go Wendy, time to put up or shut up, but being the “good” Canadian that you claim to be, pretty sure you will find a way to skate around this story.

  5. I’m also one of those many Canadians who no longer trusts the veracity of CBC reporting, but I would be far more comfortable with this “news” story if it were published with corroborating links to it’s sources.


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