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Edward Euen Whittingham was appointed by the Lieutenant Governor to the board of the Alberta Energy Regulator.

Whittingham formerly served as the executive director of the Pembina Institute.

The Pembina Institute is a think tank that is “working to reduce the negative impacts of fossil fuels while supporting Canada’s transition to an energy system that is clean and safe.”

The group supports carbon pricing and is an opponent to pipeline development in Canada, particularly the Trans Mountain Expansion.

In one blog post, Whittingham disapproved of the government’s approval of pipeline expansion and development.

“The increased upstream development that Trans Mountain Expansion, Line 3 replacement, and other projects, including Keystone XL, could allow for tests the credibility of Alberta’s cap on oilsands carbon pollution. That cap must be enforced as a core element of Alberta’s climate plan, and cannot rely on industry having to make implausible improvements in environmental performance to fit under the cap.”

According to official government documents, Whittingham was appointed by the recommendation of the Minister of Energy.