Ford, Horwath won’t say if they’ll allow Ontario Liberals to retain party status

Doug Ford won't say whether he would support changes that would allow Ontario's Liberals to retain official party status after they fell one seat short of the threshold in this week's election.

Chris Young/Canadian Press, Michael Charles Cole/CBC and Carlo Allegri/Reuters
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TORONTO — Doug Ford won’t say whether he would support changes that would allow Ontario’s Liberals to retain official party status after they fell one seat short of the threshold in this week’s election.

The Liberals were reduced from a majority government to only seven seats in Thursday’s election that saw the Progressive Conservatives back in power for the first time in 15 years and the New Democrats form the official Opposition.

Eight seats are needed to be a recognized party in the Ontario legislature, a designation that allows parties to access resources such as research assistance. But that threshold can be changed by legislators, as has been in the past.

Asked whether he would support such a change, Ford said he would talk to his team about the issue in the days and weeks to come.

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath was also pressed on the issue, and would only say that the decision was Ford’s to make.

The Liberal party, meanwhile, said in a statement Friday that its focus is on its renewal following its defeat and Kathleen Wynne’s resignation as leader.


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  1. Ask yourself first, would the Liberals grant that to the other parties? I don’t think so. Let them bleed themselves dry. The people have spoken with their vote, that is what needs to be respected..

  2. We Ontarians have the right to chose who we want as our leaders and who deserve to be sent home, especially those who have championed all kind of immorality while they were in power. They should rather be charged for abuse of authority, for being disrespectful to the same people who elected them and for attempting to corrupt our innocent children. They have rewarded God and the people of Ontario by making of Toronto one of most abominable cities in the world. Please leave them where they’ve been dumped by the people.

  3. In a word NO. In two words HELL NO.

    That carpet munching lesbo POS has had her foraging tongue in the taxpayers pocket without remorse for too long with too much damage left behind. She can and should rot in HELL. And take the Turd and Buttman with her.

    She / He / It / ?? abused their position to force their perversion on the rest of us to justify their life choices. I don’t care what people do but they have NO right to force it on others or create guilt for not embracing the perversion let alone making normal people criminals for not embracing. You don’t see straight people prancing around in public in questionable attire then crying that they want to be treated with respect.

    Liberalism is a mental illness.

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