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Ford Guts Carbon Tax – Here Is How Much You Save On Gas

In an official statement by the Government of Ontario Premier Doug Ford announced that he will immediately move forward with his plan to put money back into “the pockets of the people” by taking the government out of the “carbon business”.

His first major move as Premier will be to put an end to the cap-and-trade carbon tax era in Ontario, which tacks on extra fees at the pump, home heating bills, and “virtually every other product that you buy,” Ford claims.

“According to the Auditor General, who conducted an audit of the program, the cap-and-trade system could cost Ontario consumers and businesses $8 billion, with a negligible impact on the province’s carbon emissions.”

“Cap-and-trade and carbon tax schemes are no more than government cash grabs that do nothing for the environment, while hitting people in the wallet in order to fund big government programs,” said Ford.

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“I promised that the party with taxpayers’ dollars was over and that this would include scrapping the cap-and-trade carbon tax slush fund. Today we are keeping that promise.”

How Much Can You Expect To Save?

Ford promises you will save roughly 10 cents per litre.


  • What happend to the price of gas it has gone up so much when the 10 cents comes off its gonna be where it was when you promised it would come down bull shit

  • So Happy Ford won the election! He is all for helping the People! May even make a great PM one day! Stand strong with him Ontario time to take our Country back!
    Justin and his team of what you call its!! Need to go!
    I AM🇨🇦

  • Doug so pleased you are remaining true to your word. Many Ontarians wish you the best. Watch Climate Barbie she is doing her usual having a hissing fit as her way or the highway. OH well Barbie se ya!

  • Well 19 cents a liter is small but not near as bad as Horwath's 35 cent a liter increase as soon as they got in. I imagine it would be higher than that now as her financial choice boasted he would have the highest carbon tax costs in the world. Wynne or the Greens would have been no better as they both support the carbon tax robbery.

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