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Ford government to put $1 billion into preventing teacher layoffs
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Ford government to put $1 billion into preventing teacher layoffs 

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Teachers will not be laid off as a result of larger class sizes, according to a recent funding increase announcement expected Friday by the Doug Ford government.

The PCs will allegedly increase funding by $1.6 billion in order to prevent teacher layoffs as a result of the changes to classroom sizes.

Education Minister Lisa Thompson has said in an article for the Canadian Press that, “no teacher will ‘involuntarily’ lose their job.”

There will still likely be a reduction of teachers through less aggressive methods such as attrition through retirement.

Thompson will issue a directive to boards Friday telling them that she expects them not to lay off any teachers because of her recently announced class size changes, the sources said.

According to CityNews, the Ontario government will also be announcing other funding on Friday, including grants for student needs.

The Ford government has faced protests over the impact of recent changes to the education system, such as an increase in classroom sizes and as well as perceived damage such as largescale potential job losses.

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