First Transgender Elected Candidate for Governorship in America

The first transgender to ever win primaries for governorship candidacy.

Vermont State House, Montpelier Vermont
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It’s official!  Vermont democrats elect the first transgender candidate for governorship.

Christine Hallquist is now the Democratic candidate front-runner for Vermont, becoming the first transgender in American history to do so.   Dominating the political arena and out winning the likes of Ethan Sonneborn, the 14-year-old student, the educator Brenda Siegel, and the environmental specialist James Ehlers, Hallquist will now need to go head-to-head with current Republican Governor Phil Scott.

Scott narrowly won his candidacy after defeating his opponent, businessman Keith Stern, after voicing his preference on the support of firearm restrictions.

November 6, 2018,  will definitely be a challenging day for Hallquist, as they will need to swim against the tide in order to defeat Governor Scott in an environment like Vermont where a sitting governor has not been defeated in the United States since 1962.  

On a similar note, Vermont is considered one of the most progressive states, if not the most progressive, in all 50 American states.  In 2009, Vermont became the first state to legalize same-sex couple marriages through the legislature of the state.

Ryan Saavedra at The Daily Wire comments that Hallquist’s opponent, the 14-year-old student, Sonneborn, has not even commenced his high school studies and because of a lack of legal rigidity, was able to start running on a platform of progressive ideals.

Vermont just keeps on impressing us.  For more, stay tuned to The Post Millennial, and, in the alternative, send us mail @ [email protected].  


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