It seems at least four federal departments and agencies have ongoing contracts with Morneau Shepell, the human resources firm formerly run by current Finance Minister Bill Morneau.

The accumulated value of these various contracts is estimated to be above $14 million, and a report released by the Canadian Revenue Agency showed that many of the contracts were accepted after the Liberal victory in 2015.

The largest contracts are for employee assistance programs, providing benefits and workplace perks for CRA workers in Quebec, the Prairie Region and at CRA headquarters in Ottawa.

Perhaps the most startling revelation though was reported exclusively in the Toronto Sun, the Bank of Canada—which falls under the purview of the federal finance minister—has an $8 million contract with Morneau Shepell. That contract was renewed in February 2017, while Morneau was the finance minister and before he agreed to sell his shares.

Context: Bill Morneau urged the Senate to pass his budget bill and suggested that the Senate had no business re-writing bills that were passed by the House.

Context: That same budget passed multiple contracts to his firm.

Context: Morneau earned at least $65,000 per month from a company that as finance minister he also regulates, while also receiving his salary as the Minister of finance.

Context: After public outcry, Morneau finally agreed to divest his shares in Morneau Shepell last week.


  1. He should be fired and criminally charged,,, if it was anyone else they would be,,,,,Duffy’s crimes were nothing compared to these and he was almost nailed to a cross,,shame,,hope he gets a great receipt for income taxes and a nice “refund” which i have no doubt he will.,,and he has the nerve to stand there for a picture with a huge grin on his face,,well,, there is no other word for it except “theft”,,and we still have 2 more years of this government left,,,,,,,,,,,,,hold on to your shirts,,,,,,

  2. I really don’t know how these people in government can sleep at night knowing that they are ruining our Country, I wish with all my being that there was a way to get this idiot of a p.m. out of power.along with his cronies.


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