If Trudeau’s carbon tax wasn’t already making the cost of gas more expensive, the mandated change to summer gasoline will mean drivers across Canada will be paying more.

The folks at GasBuddy warn that motorists in Ontario, Quebec, Newfoundland and the Maritimes will see the biggest increases.

An increase of a 4-5c/L is expected in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Halifax and St. John’s. Meanwhile, a 2c/L increase looms for Regina, Saskatoon, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Victoria.

Yes, that’s right. Even British Columbia, who has seen high gas prices and its NDP government is considering some form of relief, will have its prices soar yet again. Check out this report by CTV News on that.

“For decades, the April change-over may have flown under the radar of many drivers but indeed, federal laws require refiners to produce and sell gasoline that is less susceptible to evapouration given higher ambient temperatures in the early spring, summer and early fall driving season,” GasBuddy’s senior petroleum analyst Dan McTeague said.

“The change means refiners must add more expensive components as part of their fuel processing, a cost that is inevitably passed onto motorists. The switchover and the accompanying price increase aren’t always easy, but its positive contribution to the environment and health in mitigating ground level ozone and even preventing engine vapour lock is a real plus,” he added.

You’ve been warned, Canada. Fill up while you can.