Federal environment minister says Saskatchewan will have a carbon tax

Canada's environment minister says Saskatchewan will be subject to a federal carbon tax if it doesn't sign on to a national climate change plan by the fall.


REGINA — Canada’s environment minister says Saskatchewan will be subject to a federal carbon tax if it doesn’t sign on to a national climate change plan by the fall.

Catherine McKenna has responded in writing to a letter by her Saskatchewan counterpart, Dustin Duncan, about the province not signing on to the federal plan.

Duncan suggested the province should still receive $62 million in federal money for low-carbon projects.

In her response, McKenna says the province’s share would move to  a second phase of the program, which is also open to municipalities, businesses, non-governmental organizations and Indigenous communities.

She adds that it’s unfortunate that Saskatchewan has not joined other provinces and territories in adopting or maintaining carbon pricing that suits its specific circumstances.

McKenna says she remains hopeful the province will still change course before the Sept. 1 deadline for provinces and territories to submit their carbon-pricing plans.

“To be clear, we cannot accept your request not to price carbon in Saskatchewan,” she says in her open letter. “Among other reasons, it would be patently unfair for one jurisdiction to avoid participating in this important national effort to support clean growth and cut pollution.

“In the event that your government does not adopt a price on pollution that meets our standard, we would have no choice but to ensure that a price on pollution applies in Saskatchewan, just as we would anywhere else in the country.”

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  1. We don’t need a carbon tax we don’t put any amount of carbon in the air because of the way our province burns up more than it produces. Greed is all it is The Liberal’s just want more money from the tax payers so they can carry on with their misuse of tax dollars to help them get re- elected. People on fixed incomes are doomed especially when seniors get a whole 55 cent a month pay increase on Old Age Security plus everything else that is going up in price from the other governments. It is time this crazy spending stops and giving money away to others that don’t even help pay the debt.

  2. I really, really HATE that this Trudeau government is full of MPs who are full blown activists, with only their ideals leading them. I really hope McKenna and the rest of the incompetent Liberals feel that 3rd party status again in 2019. Keep fighting these bullies Saskatchewan, hopefully you will have Ontario and Alberta onside soon.

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