Fake Hate Crimes Claims and the Artificial Narrative of Islamophobia

The problem with this story is that it is one of many.  The reporting of fake hate crimes against Muslims is used to support the false narrative of Islamophobia. This kind of fake news is a growing menace.  

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Khawlah Noman, an eleven-year-old girl from Ontario Canada, reported that she had been the victim of a hate crime.  

According to her story, her hijab was viciously slashed twice by a man with scissors. The school held a press conference to announce the attack and presented the girl, a minor, to the press as a victim before the police had a chance to interview her.  

As it turns out, the whole story, including the statements by herself and her brother, was a fake.  

There was no attack. There was no pair of scissors.

The problem with this story is that it is one of many.  The reporting of fake hate crimes against Muslims is used to support the false narrative of Islamophobia. This kind of fake news is a growing menace.  

Some of the attack claims were spontaneous, while others are deliberate and planned out. Perhaps the most infamous of all the fake claims was that of Ahmed Mohamed, now known better as clock boy.  

President Obama and Prime Minister Trudeau have both exploited these fake claims for their own political reasons.  While many politicians are decrying the effect of “fake news” perhaps it would be best if they examined their own activities.

Below is a lost of recent fake hate crimes that involved claims of “Islamophobia.”  This is a chilling list as it exposes how widespread the problem has become. Each one has been thoroughly debunked upon examination.

  1. Yasmin Seweid claimed that three white men attacked her in a New York subway and called her a terrorist while yelling “Donald Trump.”  The incident never happened. As it turns out, she had generated the story to help cover up problems she was having with her family.
  2. A Houston mosque was the scene of an arson on Christmas Day 2016.  The incident was reported by groups such as CAIR USA and the press as a possible hate crime. It was not.  The individual arrested for the arson was a Muslim and member of the mosque. CAIR USA has not corrected its press release to reflect this reality.
  3. A mosque in Peterborough Ontario was the scene of an arson which occurred inside the mosque. Many authorities in Canada, including the Prime Minister and the Public Safety Minister, stated this was a hate crime.  No evidence as to who set the fire or why has ever been produced.
  4. A 20-year-old woman wearing a headscarf told police in New York that her face had been slashed and she had been called a terrorist by her attacker.  A police investigation found that no attack occurred and the wound had been self-inflicted.
  5. An 18-year-old Birmingham UK woman made a police claim that she had been violently assaulted for wearing a hijab. This occurred several days after the 15 November 2015 Paris attacks. She was fined after CCTV footage, and a police investigation proved she had made the whole thing up.
  6. In North Caroline, Zeeshan-ul-Hassan Usmani stated that his seven-year-old son had been attacked while on a school bus.  Cary Police investigated and found no evidence that any attack occurred and town manager Sean Stegall concurred.  
  7. A young Muslim woman of Turkish origin in Vienna Austria claimed she was the victim of a hate crime when she had been pushed onto the tracks at a train station.  The event was investigated by police with the aid of CCTV. No attack occurred.  At the time, social media blamed “Austrian Foreign and Integration Minister Sebastian Kurz’s previous call to ban civil servants from wearing the headscarf as a reason behind the attack.”
  8. A University of Texas at Arlington student claimed that a man with a gun had followed her onto the campus and threatened her because she was a Muslim.  An investigation followed, and it was determined the event never happened, and the woman made a fake claim.
  9. Bloggers Adam Saleh and Sheikh Akbar posted a video on YouTube claiming that it showed racial profiling of two Muslim men by the New York City Police Department. The video was a fake and he posting was part of a hoax.  
  10. An Imam in Dearborn Michigan led a campaign to have the burning of Qur’ans criminalized three burned Qurans were found burnt in front of a mosque.  The local media supported the campaign until it was determined that it was a Muslim, Ali Hassan al-Assadi, who had burnt the books.
  11. Imam Jalal Uddin of Rochdale UK was murdered while he was walking to a friend’s house in the evening hours of 18 February 2016.  Immediate claims were made that the crime was one of hate or Islamophobia.  The police investigation, however, resulted in the conviction of two Muslims who were ISIS supporters.  They did not believe that the Imam was “Muslim enough” and they did not approve of his healing practices, so they murdered him.

Ahmed Mohamed, also known as “clock boy” became the focus of a national level “Islamophobia campaign” after school officials reported him about a clock that he claims to have made which resembled a timing device for a bomb.  The father of the boy filed a libel suit against Fox News, the Center for Security Policy and others.  The case was rejected by the court as it appeared that the whole episode was a public relations stunt designed to cause trouble.

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