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Faith Goldy’s Views Do Not Justify the Attack Against Her

Let me start this by saying that I do not agree with Faith Goldy or her views.

Do I think she is far right? Yup.

But do I think she deserves to be physically attacked?

Absolutely not.

Any reasonable person would agree that there is simply no place for vigilantes who get a rush out of violence, and that is what these people are.

They are not grand defenders of refugees, they are not peaceful protestors – they are fanatics representing some of the most dangerous parts of the left wing.

If Canada and the mainstream are willing to define the hateful portion of the right as the alt-right, than its high time that the same distaste and worry was put towards the dangerous extremists of the left.

I highly doubt they will though; for example, reporters from CTV described the distasteful assault as protestors “pushing” Faith out.

Now Compare That to the Following Video

This Insane Difference Is A Problem

When Canadians can openly see that what the media is telling us stands in stark contrast with actual events, we lose faith in them and the institutions that support them.

I imagine many believe that their moment of political correctness is helping to shape a better society, especially by limiting the growth of the right-wing ‘behemoth’ that is Faith Goldy.

Newsflash… Faith Goldy is a really small independent journalist. Even the once large Rebel Media is now a decaying organization. There is no grand alt-right army.

In reality, the media’s attempt to put their thumb on the scales hurts their credibility and helps the continued descent into societal chaos as truthful reporting becomes harder and harder to find.

Democracy and debate both require a real and open dialogue. For the moment, it seems like instead of attempting to settle disagreements in debate or at the ballot box, individuals representing the establishment are instead increasingly attempting to win by force.

This is simply not right.

Perhaps it’s time to stop pretending like it is okay for protestors to physically attack a woman as long as they are on the right. The media needs to return to their principles and hold power to account.


  • This is not right...Faith Goldy has only ever been truthful and factual in all of her insightful and attempts to expose the real situation...

    Next protest...I'm coming with Faith as will numerous others and we will make sure that since the mainstream media of bought out PUPPET reporters and producers are too busy sucking on the teat of George Soros and JUSTIN Trudeau Castro and the New World Order SATANIC ILLUMINATI PEDOPHILES Globalist Elite Agenda OPPRESSION...we will make sure that the odds are evened up to allow the truth to be presented and not the main stream brainwashing propaganda from CTV...CBC...Global...and the rest of the ball less Media

    God bless you Faith..I'm with you and it is truly disgusting that the riot Squad Copper's with all of their Riot uniform and gear on couldn't intercede and watch this occur without interceding or coming forward they are as big of powers as the RCMP the Royal Canadian Muslim police and the rest of the forces that were sworn to oath to Serve and Protect but are only working as bellhops for this little dictator girly boy

  • Members of the mainstream media are either afraid to report on far left violence in fear of being targeted or they themselves actually condone the violence.

    Sad times.

  • The sooner the masses wake up to the globalist controlled communism that is creeping in alongside sharia bs, the better! WAKE UP!

  • The evidence is overwhelming the the media are cheerleaders for leftist violence and overreach. The extremes that the media goes to to paint the far right as dangerous and the far left as decent are so laughable that the general public has lost respect for the media and now turns to YouTube for balanced reporting. Journalism is dying. Partisan reporting will be its death.

  • This article done by someone I see as being as close to communist as I can bare, seems too good to be true! (former NDP riding president)
    I know that "antifa" is as close to Hitler's national socialist "brown shirts" as any Soros (nazi collaborator) supported thug group can be in 2018! These thugs to me represent the 4th reich and should be summarily executed wherever and whenever they raise their ugly, filthy hands to violence in the name of communism.
    Communists and muslims share some very important beliefs, one of them being deception as a tool of war. In 2018 good is bad, up is down, Islam is deemed peaceful while their salafist sects slaughter anyone that isn't them and nazi is right, but in realityy nazi is still left and Trudeau, Morneau, Notley are following that closely while establishing a new Muslim nationalism with a disruptive importation of anything goes illegals at the unprotected border. The illegals are a mix of Muslim extremists, the most evil of Latin American gang bangers, communist infiltrators hiding behind a few frightened American Democrat brainwashed, frightened people fleeing the reality of an ended term of generosity by the American government which is smart enough to realize that when you bring there here, here becomes there when you have those people refusing to go back to their home countries to help rebuild them!
    So, while I agree with your assessment re. Faith Goldy as being a reporter and having been unfairly abused I wonder, 1) Who in hell do you,Ali Taghva, consider to be a moderate conservative entity anymore as the left seems to have rushed so far left that anyone right of communism is now branded as alt-right and 2) what is the real goal of this article as it just puts a target on the back of the author Ali Taghva in a scenario similar to what is happening to musician Kanye West for not towing the leftist line followed by entertainers in the US or Roseanne Barr, same thing!

  • And yet you say that the media should be calling the radical left "the far left" but they probably won't. And you proved them right. Because in your "look at me defending the right" you still made sure you demonized her.

  • You know, it's funny how the (far)left say any person on the right is far right. Has it ever dawned on them, the far left, they caused some of the far right as an answer to them.

  • Rebel is a decaying organization. If the Rebel doesn't come out with something the left considers racist, and the media can show faux outrage, they must be a decaying organization. OK

    • I agree with faith and because antifa are the real nazis. Those officers need to be brought before a disciplinary panel they clearly watch a woman being assaulted and did absolutely nothing this is dereliction of duty. Cant wait for next election liberals will be wiped out.

  • Thank you for your calm and rational manner of reporting. I wish this sort of respectable candor were more popular today.
    I am troubled, certainly that women repeatedly get assaulted at protests /demonstrations, but mainly at the unwillingness of government and media to condemn known vigilante groups.
    Many like myself, who are neither racist, nor believe in violence as a good choice for dealing with Discord, Now find ourselves more Centrist or right-leaning, mainly due to this sort of thing and the seeming irrationality that has taken over from the far left

  • Anti fa are thugs who attack women and have no valid opinion.

    Faith Goldy might have strong views but calling them alt right is not a rational argument. Illegal immigration should be stopped at the border. What is alt right about that?

  • I agree with everything except, Faith Goldy IMHO, is not “far right” nor is Rebel Media. They have been labelled that by left wing people.

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