Facebook’s Is Now Fact-Checking Articles In Canada Through AFP

The program is a collaboration with newswire service Agence France-Presse and is officially live!

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Facebook has now launched a third-party fact-checking program in Canada aimed at rooting out fake news and providing users with more context on articles they read on the platform.

The program is a collaboration with newswire service Agence France-Presse, who will use Canadian fact checkers to review stories from local news outlets and rate their accuracy.

The first site hit by this new feature is debatepost.com which recently published an article titled “Trudeau tries to ban Canadians for legally leaving Canada for vacation”.

AFP in response published a correction available by clicking here which Facebook than distributed.


The article has since received an update noting the following:

“UPDATE: This article got fact-checked by Facebook sponsored AFP Canada as false, however, the article proves a point. The article shows a report that encourages Canadians NOT to travel to the US to boycott Trump’s Tariffs by Justin Trudeau himself, while this is not a ban, it proves one point, encouragement from the Canadian government can result in a ban just like parody Twitter accounts, read more about that here. 

How Does This System Work?

According to a Global News article:

“Content the fact-checkers deem to be false or a mixture of accurate and inaccurate will appear lower in news feeds and be accompanied with related, true articles from fact-checkers.

Pages that repeatedly share fake news will see their ability to monetize and advertise removed after several offences.

Publishers responsible for false stories will have the chance to dispute any inaccurate ratings they receive and will be able to issue corrections. ”

Editors Note: While the article states the system does offer a potential mechanism for dispute resolution we have yet to find the form to allow for that in the case that content is tagged as fake. It is possible that the option only rolls out to publishers once their articles have been tagged.


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