Ex-Isis fighters have no place in Canada

Earlier this week it became public that an Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) fighter with Canadian and British roots wanted to be brought back to Canada.

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Earlier this week it became public that an Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) fighter with Canadian and British roots wanted to be brought back to Canada.

Cute, stupid, and dangerous.

Jack Letts was arrested by the Kurdish YPG Militia in Syria after “fleeing” ISIS. On October 29th, 2017 he was formally charged with the crime of being an ISIS Fighter.

When he contacted the British Government, they informed him that they don’t have consular offices in Syria and that “they were told that British government policy was not to help any British citizens return from Syria.”

His parents, Sally Lane and John Letts were charged with “funding terrorism” for attempting to send money to their son, but due to numerous court delays, their charges have not been proven in a court as of yet.

Now, it has come out that because of Justin Trudeau’s desire to “re-integrate” ISIS Fighters back into Canadian society, Jack reached out to Canadian officials begging that he be brought.

According to CBC news, he told Canadian officials: “Please get me out of this place,”

He added. “I don’t mind if you put me in prison, just get me out of here as soon as possible.”

Isn’t this a scenario tinged with irony, stupidity, and what can only be described as a hazardous form of virtue signalling and identity politics?

The sad fact is that Canada views him this individual as “hostage” and not what he is, an individual who not only believed in radical Islamic terrorism but also practised it.

What is perhaps most interesting though comments made by the individuals family.

According to a CBC article: “Sally Lane, Jack’s mother, said she wants her son to go to Canada — specifically southern Ontario, where both she and her husband have family.

“It’s a much fairer place,” said John Letts. “The whole attitude towards this issue [of dealing with extremism] has been much more enlightened, much more tolerant.”

Canada has been more tolerant on the topic of extremism. But perhaps it is time we stopped. Most nations on earth understand that returning extremists are not safe.

When asked if he was a terrorist Jack responded saying: “Do you mean by the English government’s definition, that anyone that opposes a non-Islamic system and man-made laws? Then, of course, by that definition, I suppose they’d say I’m a terrorist, khalas (and that’s that). He also stated that he was not with you “dirty-non-Muslim.”

That passage broken down is quite disturbing. It shows that If allowed back; Canada would be letting in a self-proclaimed terrorist who opposes all non-Islamic systems of governance.

Think for a second how disturbing that is.

Canada at this moment is actively fighting Christian organizations and making it clear that if they wish to have any access to government job programs they must convert their beliefs into those that align with the current governments.

Canada as a nation is, therefore, attacking its own peaceful practitioners of the Catholic faith while potentially allowing an individual who practised some of the worst kinds of political and extreme Islam, an Individual who openly opposes all non-Islamic governance, back into the country and with government support.

The government has in effect become so enamoured by identity politics that it looks at peaceful practitioners of the Catholic faith as villains and terrorists as victims.

It’s time we moved past our love affair with identity politics, its time we stopped negotiating with terrorists, and more importantly its time we put peaceful Canadians first.


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  1. hand him over to some veterans….I’m sure they will just shower him with peace and love….just like the religion of peace does

  2. “put peaceful Canadians first”? Trudoh has already shown his dislike for true Canadians. He prefers to surround himself with elites, and all communist dictators and convicted terrorists he treats as allies. He himself is an enemy of the state! WORST crime minister EVER!!

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