Ex-ISIS Fighter Alleges RCMP Has Photo Of Him Shooting Gun In Syria – Still Not Arrested

The Liberal government's approach to terror is interesting.

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According to a recent tweet by Conservative leader Andrew Scheer an Ex-ISIS fighter remains free in Toronto even after the RCMP visited the individual in question with photos of him shooting a gun in Syria, with his face fully visible.

Why This Matters

The Liberal party has continuously mentioned that they have tried more returning fighters than the Conservatives did when they were in power, seemingly forgetting that ISIS only collapsed after the election of the Trudeau government.

None the less the running line that the Liberals have taken 2 individuals to court vs the Conservatives 0 has been effective in some ways.

This argument pushed by the Liberal government becomes continuously harder to support though as more cases of obvious failure such as this come out and overshadow the attempted PR campaign. Because of this, I suspect that it is far more likely the perception of the Trudeau government from voters when it comes to security and terror will continue to falter at breakneck speeds in the near future.

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  1. Trudaeu is such a world class hypocrite. After reversing Mr. Harper’s Laws to prevent the things his liEberal government is flaunting. Allowing isis killers and rapists to come live in Canada because we’re inclusive is throwing the baby out with the bathwater when it comes to Security. For THEliBerALs to claim Canada is not a Security threat after removing all of the former PM’s Laws/ regulations, inviting isis to Canada as well as ignoring our Border Crisis is not laughable it’s a stab in the back for every Canadian. Yes this Country is a huge security threat, Trudaeu the Drama Teacher should resign and go crawl back into bed. After all we don’t need any of his input for NAFTA after selling us out when he made his last deal with India. #SoyBoy

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