EU’s Construction and Transportation Plans in Israeli Region, Without Consulting Israeli Government First

Here's how the European Union is trying to undermine Israeli sovereignty over Israeli indigenous lands.

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For those who are unaware, Jerusalem is the three thousand plus year-old Jewish capitol.  From Jerusalem to Gaza, Eilat to Haifa, no matter which direction you go, the Jewish culture, traditions, symbolism, history, religion, and even archaeological artifacts all point to the Jewish people as the indigenous people of Israel and Jerusalem.

The European Union sometimes forgets that Israel is the undisputed power of the region.  Unsurprisingly, the EU is disrespecting Israel by undermining the government, and working on a transportation grid that would link the Gaza Strip with the rest of the Palestinian territories in Judea and Samaria.

As World Israel News reports, the almighty EU did not even have the bravado to approach the Israeli government to inform the government of its construction plans, some of which are going to touch Area C, which is under total Israeli sovereignty.  The news comes out as Israel Radio reported, last Wednesday, that in a meeting led by Member of Knesset (MK) Moti Yogev, head of the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, the MK was given the information, with the idea to establish sizeable infrastructures in the region.   

The IDF’s Civil Administration, the Israeli government, nor any other Israeli authoritative agency were given any type of heads-up about the project which does touch portions of Jerusalem.  

“[W]e do not need approval from Israel to formulate the master plan on transportation, and therefore we did not ask for such approval,” the EU revealed, simultaneously denying any building in Area C.  They add, “[t]he project is part of the EU’s overall investment in the Palestinian Authority’s government activities and future vision towards the establishment of a Palestinian state,” the PA, being the Palestinian Authority.

Labelled the Master Plan by its financer, the European Commission, and management, the European Investment Bank, the construction blueprint is meant to be a long lasting plan, that will help the citizens of the Palestinian Authority in the present, near future, and anytime later.  The Master Plan is meant to cover a total area of over 6,020 square kilometers, from the PA to the Gaza Strip.

MK Yogev expressed the fact that the Europeans are behaving shamelessly behind Israel’s back, alienating Israeli interests and attempting to establish a Palestinian state.  He discusses that Israel will utilize this plan “to advance the master plan for Judea and Samaria, which will benefit Arabs and Jews under Israeli rule.”

The Palestinian Ministry of Transportation, when questioned about the plan for the National Transport Master Plan for Palestine, or NTMP, says that it is “a strategic transport planning tool aimed to set a clear and ambitious vision for the future of transportation in the Palestinian present and future territories.”

With this statement in mind, it is evident that the Master Plan, which maintains no legal precedent, is looking to unite the Judea and Samaria region with the Gaza Strip.  This is something that Israeli Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz has vocally acknowledged. Denouncing the plan on Israel Radio, Katz says, “I made it clear that Gaza will not connect to Judea and Samaria and that all their plans are completely unacceptable.”

The EU’s arrogance to operate on Israeli sovereign land is extraordinary but not shocking.  The EU always seems excited and happy to hurt Israel’s reputation.

As Maroun explores in his latest article for The Post Millennial, at least Canadian Conservatives seem to be adamant about galvanizing energy towards moving their national embassy to Jerusalem, akin to President Trump’s move not too long ago.  

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