EU Supports Canada in Feud with Saudi Arabia

EU joins in on the Canada-Saudi Arabia dilemma.

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Europe enters the fray, a bit quiet albeit, but vocal enough to defend their democratic brethren: Canada.

In wake of the already heated battle between Saudi Arabia and Canada, the independent news site Fair Observer commented on the European Union’s support for Canada.  

This conflict has left both Riyadh and Ottawa in diplomatic controversy, with an incredible lack of respect emanating from the Saudi side: threat of terrorism in a tweet, and the expulsion of Canada’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia, over Canada’s condemnation for Saudi Arabia’s charges against human rights.

EU Chief of Diplomacy, Federica Mogherini issued a statement, essentially, insisting that the EU was working closely with the Kingdom in order to clarify the circumstances revolving around the arrest of a human rights advocate.

The now-deleted tweet by a high-up Saudi Arabian admin left Canadians in serious shock:

More to this story as it unfolds, but for now check out The Post Millennial for more info and more stories.


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