EU Pulls the Rug Out from Under Trump, Vows to Support Islamic Republic

On the same day that the new US sanctions on Iran will go into effect, the EU leaders have released a statement vowing to fight for the Iran deal.

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On the same day that the new US sanctions on Iran will go into effect, the EU leaders have released a statement vowing to fight for the Iran deal.

The EU had been restless ever since President Trump announced his plan to leave the Iran Nuclear deal known as JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action), which had given Iran hundreds of billions of dollars and led to the new surge in Iran’s involvement in terrorism and intervention in its neighboring countries. John Kerry reportedly teared up as he signed the historic document that funneled 150 billion dollars to Iran.

The new conditions put in the deal by the US include Iran putting a stop to all terrorism related activities, its support of Hamas and Hezbollah, and its intervention in Yemen and other countries in the region.

European diplomats felt the heat even more when the foreign minister of Iran threatened that if the JCPOA goes down, “Iran will reveal the names of all the diplomats who received bribes to make this deal happen.”

Since the threat, there has been non-stop negotiations between European and Iranian diplomats, and even some in the Obama administration. Boston Globe reported that John Kerry had a secret meeting with Javad Zariff in New York in April. In May, photos came out of another alleged secret meeting between Kerry and Kamal Kharazi in a restaurant in Paris, which seems quite unorthodox, especially since John Kerry is now a civilian and not a diplomat.

Federica Mogherini, the head of EU’s foreign policy, a far-left socialist diplomat, is a well-known friend and supporter of the Islamic Republic. She even attended President Rouhani’s inauguration wearing a proper hijab, and has taken selfies with Islamic Regime’s undemocratically elected members of congress. Her admiration for Islamic terrorism is not a new discovery.

Meanwhile Iranian people have been in the streets for the past week, to express their disdain for the Islamic theocrats that rule the country and plunder the country’s wealth. Secretary Pompeo has released a statement in support of the Iranian people’s struggle for freedom, yet the EU has decided that it much prefers blood-oil right now.


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Siavash Safavi
Sia Sufi (Siavash Safavi, Civil Space Network) is a former student activist and political prisoner from Iran. He escaped the country in 2010, and lived in Turkey as a refugee until he arrived in Canada in 2013. He has a bachelor in English Literature, and has published and translated books, essays, articles, and written satires for several Iranian diaspora media and NGOs. In January 2017, he was named by the Islamic Republic Revolutionary Guard as one of the 30 traitors to the country.
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