The House of Commons conflict-of-interest and ethics watchdog is now interested in Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s 2015 $10-million stock sale. That sale was made days before the Trudeau government had tabled a bill and mimics the bizarre sales pattern we have seen by Morneau and his father recently.

Although Mary Dawson, the Conflict-of-Interest and Ethics Commissioner, is not ready to open a formal investigation into Morneau’s Nov. 30 sale of 680,000 Morneau Shepell Inc. shares she did tell NDP MP Nathan Cullen in an open letter “in light of the allegations, my office will look further into the matter and will follow up with Minister Morneau in due course.”

Finance Ministers Response: The Cheif Spokesman for the minister stated that they have indeed “received the letter from the Commissioner and respect her diligence in following-up on complaints made by the Opposition, no matter how spurious. ”

Background: The Minister has also faced media and ethics backlash due to the introduction of Bill C-27 a piece of pension reform legislation that opened new business to Morneau Shapell.


  1. as it stands … anyone who looks up the criminal code will see that the Liberals and Justin Trudeau are guilty of Treason against this country. You cannot expect Canadians to allow ISIS fighters reintegration with a fabled story of de-programming counselling which the PM stated in the house of commons, and the PM cannot hold me or anyone else of this so called Islamophobia crap …. i no longer feel safe in Canada thanks to the Liberals


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