ESPN’s Liberal Personalities Are Free To Do Anything With No Repercussions

ESPN announcer Jemele Hill sent out a series of tweets attacking Donald Trump. The following tweets are the most questionable of the personal attacks she tweeted out on 9/11:

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ESPN announcer Jemele Hill sent out a series of tweets attacking Donald Trump. The following tweets are the most questionable of the personal attacks she tweeted out on 9/11:

ESPN mildly chastised Hill for her comments:

It does not appear that Hill will receive any further discipline than this stern talking to.

Per Deadspin:

“An ESPN spokesperson wouldn’t elaborate on whether Hill faced any discipline beyond a conversation with her bosses.”

It is unimaginable that an ESPN personality with conservative leanings could say anything close to as inflammatory about a progressive figure or issue without receiving some sort of tangible discipline. ESPN is choosing liberal politics over ratings, profits and basic human decency.

Hill’s comments are absolutely out of bounds. The fact that Hill made his comments on 9/11 is even more telling of how tone deaf ESPN is to anything but their political agenda.

Ratings Nosedive

ESPN refuses to make the connection between their political leanings and their ratings nosedive.

After being forced to lay off a hundred employees in June, the former worldwide leader in sports had its research department conduct a study on their political leanings. The study found that almost two-thirds of viewers thought

“ESPN is getting it right in terms of mixing sports news and political issues.”

Perhaps ESPN should conduct another study to determine why they are bleeding viewers and money.

The mild apology was too much for Deadspin whose headline on the story characterized ESPNs actions as cowardly and used Hill’s tweets as a reason to attack conservatives. It is interesting to note that Deadspin played a significant role in ESPNs lurch to the left. As former ESPN employee Jason Whitlock highlighted in the Wall Street Journal:

“Deadspin significantly elevated the price of implementing change at ESPN. The often-caustic blog mastered search-engine optimization and Twitter ’s ability to gin up faux outrage. Its writers trolled ESPN talent and executives, getting plenty of attention along the way. The site particularly delighted in exposing alleged sexual malfeasance among ESPN employees.”

“Handcuffed By Politics”

Whitlock hits the bullseye with his analysis of ESPN in general:

“The channel has become too handcuffed by politics to protect its most experienced and loyal employees. It’s a massive symbol of everything that fueled Donald Trump’s bid for the presidency.”

ESPN NFL reporter Ed Werder, one of the most prominent faces among the layoffs last month, said in a podcast that he heard the quality of work would not be a consideration when employees were let go. He lamented that “it seemed to me that quality work should be the only consideration.” Not in this America, the one ruled by social-media perception and dismissive of the real world.”

ESPN let Jemele Hill off with a slap on the wrist because her vicious attack on Donald Trump was perfectly in line with the liberal politics of ESPN.

ESPN continues to ignore the impact its political stridency is having on the bottom line.

As long as John Skipper remains President of ESPN it is likely that the network will continue bleeding money financial as he appears to be more interested in pushing progressive politics than in running a financially successful network.


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