Elon Musk smokes a blunt with Joe Rogan

Elon Musk gets onto Joe Rogan's podcast, "The Joe Rogan Experience" and subsequently makes a very shady public decision.


Just a few weeks ago, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, tweeted about the potential to privatize his business and sell his stocks for $420 a piece.

High, or not?

In light of the fact that 4/20, April 20th, is a yearly occasion for stoners (weed smokers) worldwide, some took to question whether Musk was high or not when he posted on the social media platform.

Musk reassured people following the story, in an interview with the New York Times, that he was definitely not high on marijuana when he tweeted.  He emphasized the lack of productivity in being high.


Joe Rogan, the UFC commentator and podcast organizer for “The Joe Rogan Experience”, hosted Elon Musk on his latest segment for the show.

In the latter part of the over two and a half podcast, after discussing subjects such as the sales of his company’s flamethrower, and other topics related to engineering like watchmaking, Rogan pulled out a container and from that, a large blunt.  Rogan lit up and then passed the blunt to Musk.

In the video footage, Musk asks whether the product is a joint or a cigar and Rogan responds by explaining that it is marijuana wrapped in tobacco.  Musk casually claims that he thinks he tried it once.

Because of the guidelines and standards imposed on employees at Tesla, of which, an excerpt from the Business Conduct and Ethics was highlighted by CNBC, Rogan assumed that Musk could not smoke, asking if it had something to do with the stockholders.  

Musk rhetorically asks if it was legal and then moves on to hit the blunt.

The Tesla CEO is constantly surprising the world community with his outrageous ideas and spontaneous behaviour and even though the company did not respond for comment on this story, Tesla shares were down as much as 9% as of this morning, Friday, September 7th, 2018.

Watch the entire podcast here:


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