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Re-counts plague Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario leadership results

After a tumultuous and turning campaign, multiple high-level sources have confirmed that Doug Ford did, in fact, win the vote and is now expected to speak directly after the announcement.

The results were originally intended to be announced at 3:30 eastern but were extended by over 3 hours as technical difficulties, a tight race between Doug and Christine, and the call to have a deep recount plagued the process.

Update: Sources say the vote is extremely close, down to potentially less than 300 votes. Christine Elliot is asking for a recount and that is why the results have not been published live yet.

Update: We are now over 4 hours behind schedule, due to the extreme nature of the race a deep recount is occurring. It is likely that the party will not officially announce their official winner today.

Update: Roughly 1300 votes are contested by Christine Elliott’s team.

You can view the announcement here.

This is a breaking news story and will be updated.

Background: The current leadership race began when Patrick Brown the Simcoe North MPP resigned in January following allegations of sexual misconduct from two women. He has consistently denied any wrongdoing and served CTV News, which first published the allegations, with a notice of libel.

Changing Party Policies: All four candidates have pledged to scrap a proposed carbon tax that formed a key pillar of the party’s election platform under Brow.

Updated: It has been reported that according to the final ballot, Christine Elliott won 64 ridings and Doug Ford won 60. However, Doug Ford remains the winner of the leadership race.

Update: After the votes have been counted, and the ridings announced, Christine Elliot, announced that she will support Doug Ford as the leader, as CBC reports. The senior official on the Elliot campaign has said that they are firm on now uniting the party.

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  • Good,good,great! Now maybe we can get Ontario back to where it was before McGinty and Wynne took taxpayers to the cleaners.Now lets get rid of the rest of the disgusting Liberals so we can get Canada back and stop being an embarrassment because of Sock Boy.

  • It is sad day in Ontario. With Doug Ford at the Helm of the Ont PC Party, we are doomed to a liberal minority government at best, or at worst a Majority. And I say this as I am a Conservative right to the heart and although I did not think either Elliot or Mulroney could beat Wynne either.

    • Hardly. Doug Ford and his Brother Rob did great work for the City of Toronto, and he offers the only serious alternative to Wynne. All he needs to do is call Kathleen out on the wasteful spending and perks...and he will find them too! He's every bit a "fiscal conservative" with a proven track record! Just what Ontario needs to deal with its looming deficit and debt. Bring on Ford Nation!!!!

  • Kathleen Wynne should be shaking in her boots more than ever now! Congrats to you Doug! I know you have the drive to bring this once have all province out of the red and back to where it should be! Bravo and we'll all be watching !

  • fantastic doug now lets go for trudeaus job you and your late brother are the best for the people of Canada

  • Heleluia!!! Go Doug Go! In loving memory of your brother kick this liberal wasteful w1tch Wynne out and make Ontario prosper again!

  • Every Conservative member, along with the entire public who call themselves Ontarians need to remember one took the Liberals 15 years to basically destroy Ontario, it won't be brought back in one term...but I believe that Doug is the right leader to put us on the right path to recovery.

  • The whiny Frank Klees didn't get his way! Boo Hoo. Now screw off Klees, you've done the Conservative party enough damage. I think you are really an NDP!

  • i agree...doug ford is the one person who can bring ontario and eventually canada back to what it was before trudeau took over he is just a toy boy and knows nothing and has been bought over by soros. doug is is real jman and talks happy he won.....liberals did their best to get him out but failed again thanks people make canada great from its ruins of trudeau and wynn

  • I am quite pleased that Ford got in. Yes, I would have been equally happy with Christine, but I'm ready for someone to do some butt kicking. After all the lies Brown told us, I'm hopeful that Doug will put us on track. It's time now for the PC party to move forward no matter what the outcome was/is.

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