On Saturday, May 18th, a distressed Edmonton woman was seen dancing erratically on the roof top of a Money Mart in the northern part of the city.

She moved from building to building in the conjoined industrial park, proceeding to remove her pants, as fellow Edmontonians looked on, worried for her safety.

Onlookers claim the unidentified woman of Indigenous origin showed vivid signs of distress. While minimal advances were made by first responders, generating mixed views on the situation’s handling over social media.

While some took the opportunity to interject with snarky comments into an otherwise serious situation, most remained concerned, exercising empathy for the woman who could have fallen off the roof on numerous occasions.

Edmontonians like Jen Davidson, were among those present at the incident. “Everyone was very concerned for her,” she states. “She was clearly out of it.”

“There was an elementary school across the street, and those in class that day were watching.”

It is not yet known how long the woman remained on the roof for, before first responders intervened.