An Edmonton man has been apprehended by the police after lighting several vehicles on fire on Whyte Avenue on Friday.

Bystanders stepped in to perform a citizen’s arrest in a local Starbucks.

A video of the incident has been circulating on the internet which shows the individual in question pouring gasoline onto cars with a jerry can and then setting them on fire.

Two men stepped in to tackle the suspect, who have been dubbed by the internet: “Hawaiian shirt guy” and “2×4 guy”.

“I was so scared that one of those cars was going to explode because it was right in front of the restaurants across the street,” said Jeff Halaby, who was carrying a 2×4.

“I thought, well I can’t go out there without anything in my hand,” said Halaby. “I found a four-foot piece of baseboard and thought well, this is better than nothing. I ran across the street to cut him off because I didn’t want him to continue walking closer to Whyte Avenue.”

One of the vehicles set on fire had a driver in the front seat. Nobody was injured in the incident.