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Doug Ford’s flip flop on sex-ed fails Ontario families
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Doug Ford’s flip flop on sex-ed fails Ontario families 

For many parents, the Catholic school system has been a safe haven for their children to escape the public school system’s sex-ed indoctrination. One of the primary reasons parents are grateful for this system is the consistency in the Catholic system’s doctrine and unwavering commitment to keeping comprehensive sex education out of their school’s curriculum. 

In Ontario, however, news just came out that the provincial government headed by Premier Doug Ford, who won the Ontario PC party’s leadership race back in 2018 thanks to parental rights advocate and fellow leadership contender, Tanya Granic Allen, has flip-flopped yet again on this profile. During the 2018 Ontario PC leadership race, Ford took on the same talking points as Granic Allen to win the position, saying “Wynne (the former Liberal Ontario Premiere) has failed our kids” and vowed to scrap and replace the Liberal sex education curriculum once elected.

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