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Doug Ford posts video supporting #UnitedWeRoll, pro-pipeline protests
Doug Ford posts video supporting #UnitedWeRoll, pro-pipeline protests
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Doug Ford posts video supporting #UnitedWeRoll, pro-pipeline protests 

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Doug Ford the Premier of Ontario has posted on Twitter a video highlighting his support for the United We Roll truck convoy which is currently driving from Calgary to Ottawa.

That convoy of more than 159 trucks left Red Dear, Alberta yesterday and aims to oppose carbon taxes and get pipelines built.

“The main message we are taking to Ottawa with this convoy is that our oil-and-gas sector is in trouble,” said Glen Carritt, the convoy manager, who has done the bulk of the organizing of this five-day trek to Parliament Hill.

“All respectful, peaceful, non-radical Canadians are welcome to join in this rally. We will not tolerate any racism, hate or anyone with those views,” he insisted. “They are not part of this movement. I’ll be very upset if someone like that attaches themselves to us and this convoy. They have nothing to do with us. We’re proud of our oil and gas, a product every Canadian uses and benefits from in a huge way. That’s what this is about,”

Glen Carritt

The convoy is expected to reach Ottawa on Tuesday, where they will hold a rally against Bill C-69, Bill C-48 and the Prime Minister.

According to the Trudeau Liberals, Bill C-69 is meant to revamp and streamline the country’s system for approving industrial projects.

Opponents fear the opposite will occur, as the new law would lift limits on who can participate in the assessment process and create an early-phase consultation with Indigenous communities and anyone else who could be impacted by a project.

Bill C-48, on the other hand, would prohibit tankers carrying crude oil from loading or unloading at ports in northern British Columbia, according to the CBC, formalizing a similar voluntary ban that has been in place in the region for the past 20 years.

Opponents fear it could kill off a potential international shipping route for Canada’s energy products.

For those interested in tracking the developments of Bill C-69 and Bill C-48, the Parliament of Canada’s website has more information. Check the progress of Bill C-69 here, and Bill C-48 here.

Since leaving Red Deer it has reportedly picked up more than 20 new trucks and is expected to grow to anywhere from 200-300 by the end of the trip.

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