While visiting the flooding emergency relief operations in Constance Bay, Ontario, Premier Doug Ford handed out his personal cell phone number to volunteers and residents in need of support.

“The best way is to text me” said Ford as he typed his number into resident’s phones.

While at the site Ford also expressed concern about climate change leading to extreme weather events such as those along the Ottawa River.

“I’m a strong believer in that,” said Ford. “Obviously you can see it. Something’s going and we have to be conscious of it.”

The spring-time flooding which is expected to hit record levels has resulted in the mayor of Ottawa issuing a state of emergency for local residents.

Military personnel have been called to assist in evacuations and preparing anti-flood protection for local homes and businesses.

Ford is one of a number of politicians who have visited the site. Earlier today, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also visited the area and was chided by a volunteer for holding up people from being able to access sandbags.

“Well first of all, we have their backs. We’re standing shoulder to shoulder with them, anything they need we will be there to support them and I was asked by some of the volunteers to give a shout out,” said Ford. “We need volunteers, we need as many volunteers as possible to fill the sandbags and support our folks.”