Doug Ford defends automakers and dairy farmers

Premier Ford stands with Prime Minister Trudeau on NAFTA.

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Doug Ford, Ontario and Standing with PM Trudeau

Love him or hate him, Ontario Premier Doug Ford is definitely supporting Canadians.

This week, the Ontario Premier vocalized his commitment in ensuring the defense of supply management for Canadians.

The federal government is leveraging the auto industry and dairy farming into a deal for the North American Free Trade Act, but CTV News reports that Premier Ford claims:

“I can’t speculate [on NAFTA], I’m not sitting at the table. I know one thing: I’m going to protect supply management and I’m going to protect automotive workers.”

Ford reinforces his position in solidarity with the Prime Minister, going as far as saying that he stands “shoulder to shoulder” with Trudeau.

Trudeau has previously expressed his intent on not signing a bad deal with American President Donald Trump.

United States of America and President Trump’s comments

The director for President Trump’s National Economic Council, Larry Kudlow, was stern in deciding that a trade deal with Canada meant that America’s neighbours to the North would be obliged to concede on the milk issue.

According to Global News, in response to President Trump’s policy on placing additional tariffs on Canadians, the North has been able to acquire nearly $300 million back from retaliatory tariffs. Donald Trump has previously expressed intolerance towards the prospect of Canada’s alleged milk deal, as well as other sectors affected by the new tariff policies.

Trump’s tariffs have been deemed both unacceptable and illegal in practice by Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland and Prime Minister Trudeau, and yet, President Trump claims that it is his country that is suffering from poor NAFTA negotiations.

Canada looking out for number one

Pierre-Olivier Herbert, spokesperson for Finance Minister Bill Morneau, e-mailed a comment to Global News regarding where Canadian imposed tariff dollars are going, saying, “We are committed to making sure that every dollar raised in reciprocal tariffs is given back in the form of support for affected sectors.”

Canada started fighting back by imposing $16.6 billion worth of tariffs on such goods as prepared meals, chocolate, whiskies, and coffee.

According to the figures provided by Canada Border Services Agency to Global News, the federal government collected approximately $286 million over the months of July and August where total earnings for each month were $118 million and $168 million, respectively.

Even though Canadians are divided on many fronts, supply management is a subject many citizens actually do stand united on.  On the provincial front, Doug Ford seems to agree with his federal Conservative counterpart, Andrew Scheer, on the subjects of supply management and tariffs.

Ford publicly endorsed Scheer at the Conservative convention, when he called for Conservatives to stand united behind Andrew Scheer amidst a divisive Conservative controversy involving Maxime Bernier, who left the federal party.

Bernier’s split occurred on the same weekend as the Conservative convention in Halifax which increased the excitement of the situation.


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