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Doug Ford booed at Special Olympics opening ceremony
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Doug Ford booed at Special Olympics opening ceremony 

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The Premier of Ontario Doug Ford attended the opening ceremonies for the Youth Special Olympics last night and got a not-so-warm welcome from the audience.

“I haven’t heard that much energy in a long time,” said Premier Ford to the already booing audience.

Premier Ford chuckled off the booing and said that this was “the first event” that he’s ever gotten booed at.

When asked what he thought about being booed, Premier Ford said that it was a “great event,” and that he “supports the Special Olympics.”

“Our government supported it, we funded it, and I’ll always continue to support kids with disabilities,” Ford continued.

Premier Ford had recently made headlines regarding his initial plans to cuts to funding, specifically surrounding his large slashes to autistic child care, a wildly unpopular move that prompted a large public outcry.

That outcry flipped Premier Ford’s decision, leading him to then double the $320 million in funds it had initially allocated for an allowance-based autism support system.

What do you think? Would you boo Doug Ford? Let us know in the comments below.

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