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Doug Ford and Kinga Surma About to Be Victims Of Tabloid Media Firestorm

Doug Ford is having an affair with Kinga Surma, a PC candidate for Etobicoke-Centre…allegedly

I know, it’s tabloid. But it’s true…allegedly.

She lives in a condo allegedly owned by Doug Ford’s mom, and the Liberal Party has pretty damning evidence that Ford bought the memberships that secured Surma her riding.

Last night the Liberals announced they had an audio recording of Ford and Kinga discussing how he can basically purchase the riding for the new PC candidate. All of this spells doom for the newly crowned PC leader, and the party he commands.

But a more compelling story might be the motivation for the media to sit on the alleged fling until just before the election.

They knew…trust me they knew.

I know because I discussed it with several reporters from mainstream outlets. Some journalists, like Robyn Doolittle for example, questioned whether or not it was newsworthy. Other reporters were curiously quiet when I asked them why the story did not break when Ford became leader.

After all, this was an open secret for at least one year.

I dropped a hint here and there on my social media platforms, but there was always a nagging voice inside me telling me to not name names. When we journalists report on extramarital affairs, we often forget that the story touches more than just the two people who are romantically linked. We are also potentially destroying their spouses, and, in some cases, their children.

There is some credence to the idea that because Surma is a PC candidate the affair matters from a political level. I get that. It speaks to the notion that a boss is sleeping with a staffer, in a sense. At the same time, these are two consenting adults who do not share an office space.

I know there will be some faux outrage about men abusing their power, but we can’t retreat to the infantilization of women every time a couple of people decide to knock boots.

Nothing about this story implies a lack of consent, and we should all act according to that important caveat.

If Ford survives this election it will be a miracle. If the media survives, it might very well be a travesty.

James Di Fiore

James is a freelance writer/reporter and political pundit.


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