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Don’t look to false Hollywood idols for moral guidance

Don’t look to false Hollywood idols for moral guidance 

I’m not into touchy-feely, feel-good speeches. I’m all about tough love. But when artists, pop culture idols, politicians, actors, and the like are praised for performing long soliloquies on the state of humanity, I grow weary and wonder why this nonsense is being uplifted as gospel. The chaotic messages that are dominated by TV personalities and the entertainment industry are targeted at our youth. Impressionable minds that are sorting out who they are and what they want to do are vulnerable to messages that exude self-fulfillment. But talk is cheap when there is no substance to follow.

The climate strikes that occurred across countries happened for a day. People were posting on social media in anticipation of their local events with pictures of their cardboard signs, messages of “Do something or we’ll be dead in 12 years!” But then, it all faded and everyone went on using single-use plastic water bottles, eating off of paper plates and grilling their favourite steak. This, ladies and gents, is a movement that derives its power from feelings, not reality. 

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