Does Justin Trudeau have a Foreign Policy?

Evidence of one has yet to be seen!

Justin Trudeau
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As Canada enters a critical juncture for its foreign policy, with NAFTA negotiations heating up and the spat with Saudi Arabia intensifying, one question must be asked…  What is our plan?  Furthermore, do we even have a plan?

So far, the only concrete policy (if you can call it that) that Trudeau’s government has expressed to the world is feminism.

Remember when he took the stage at Davos during an economics forum and rambled about ‘time being up’, #metoo and the women’s march.  Basically, the message was, do not grope women and we should believe every woman’s claim of sexual harassment.  But then it turned out, he himself grabbed that reporter’s ‘behind’ and told us not to believe her… So we are back to square one.

Our most pressing need right now is to sort out our declining relations with the US, by far and away our most important ally.

By all accounts our Foreign Minister, Chrystia Freeland, is despised by the Americans, leaving diplomatic tensions in the hands of Justin Trudeau.  Needless to say, he isn’t doing much better.

Donald Trump, who is currently embroiled in a standoff with Turkey, has taken aim at Justin Trudeau and the Canadian auto sector through twitter. This is not a good sign, if Trump is willing to fight a big economy and an important NATO ally like Turkey, does Trudeau really think he will hold back when it comes to Canada.

Here is where we are now, NAFTA, which is a deal between the US, Canada and Mexico is currently being dealt with in bilateral negotiations between the US and Mexico.  Canada is abstaining from talks, as we have stated that we are not willing to shift our position on anything.

Not even the ridiculous gender-based analysis of NAFTA.  Does Trudeau really think the Trump administration will waste their time and money on his far-left nonsensical platitudes?

So, the US and Mexico will decide the fate of NAFTA for the time being while Canada abstains from negotiations, due to our loyalty to the countries in NAFTA.  Bringing up the question: can the Prime Minister count to 3!?

Seriously, someone push the big red button on Trudeau’s desk that sends in Gerald Butts with an abacus.

Canada’s biggest strength in the international community is our relationship with the United States, something that has been steadily deteriorating in the last two years.

Most of that can be attributed to Justin Trudeau’s strategy as marketing himself as the anti-Trump politician.  This has invigorated his base of supporters (left-wing Americans and Europeans) but has hurt Canada badly.

The best example of this is our recent dispute with Saudi Arabia.  After demanding the release of their political prisoners, Saudi Arabia hit back with all their might.  Cyber propaganda, frozen investments, withdrawal of important personnel and everything else at their disposal.

Trudeau on the other hand did nothing.  It was actually quite impressive, our Prime Minister managed to neither back down and smooth out relations, nor hit back and send a message. Instead he meandered around aimlessly. See here!

Trudeau’s failure to show even a modicum of strength has left us isolated on the world stage for the first time in our history.  America won’t back us due to our ideological lecturing, not even the equally ideological EU will take our side.  To make matters worse the entire Arab world plus Pakistan have stood their ground with Saudi Arabia.

From their perspective, why wouldn’t they?

The way it seems, backing Canada would draw the ire of the Saudis, and backing the Saudis would draw no response from Canada.  This is the sad reality of foreign affairs; most countries fear strength and they don’t respect quasi-feminist ramblings.

Look no further than the Palestinian Authority.  Canada just paid them $50 million to help finance their “martyrs fund”, which pays the families of terrorists who murder Jews.  Yes, when you read stories of car rammings’ in Jerusalem or pictures of an elderly couple stabbed to death in their home on the Sabbath, that most certainly is your tax dollars at work.

In contrast, the Saudis just told the PA to “shut up and take the deal”.  That is of course, the peace deal Israel has had on the table for the last 70 odd years.  Basically, Israel will recognize Palestine if Palestine recognizes Israel.

Yet when these two countries got into a fight, who did the PA support?  Saudi Arabia, without hesitation.  Because that is the way of the world.

Justin Trudeau needs to grow up quickly, and take off the ideologically tinted glasses he uses to see the world.  Because if he doesn’t grow a backbone and stand tall, soon it will be the everyday Canadians that will have to bare the wrath of his failures.


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  1. I thought his foreign policy is quite clear. Little boy hush puppy looking brown shoes with colourful socks, while all the adults where normal black shoes and we can’t see their socks. Only secondary to that is costumes whenever possible.
    Oh, and destroy relations with other countries by pointing out human rights abuses while entirely ignoring them within your own borders.
    Am I missing anything ??

  2. Blame those that voted to PET to get this insanity started. Junior – who has never held a real full time job is driving us into the ground to justify his unicorn farts and pixie dust agenda. But don’t worry he has his trust fund to fall back on when the rest of us are relegated to Third World status.

    A condom could have saved Canada.

    We can only hope that the Millennials who voted this idiot in will all be stoned in Moms basement for the next election.

Daniel Bordman

Daniel was born and raised in Toronto. He started doing stand up comedy in Kingston while getting his degree from Queens University. Since then he has gone on to win the 2012 Bragging Rights comedy contest in Toronto, and in 2012 he co-founded Civil Space Network, a show dedicated to political satire.

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