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The government is supposed to keep Canadians safe, defend our freedom, and administer services efficiently. Not push some sort of Utopian scheme that results in our lives being controlled.

One of the most dangerous things for a country is when a group of politicians gets it into their heads that they have the perfect utopian scheme to make everything “perfect.”

The problem is that – no matter how nice the scheme may seem – changing an entire country in such a large way requires a massive expansion of government power.

And the arrogance of those seeking that expansion of power inevitably leads to a reduction of freedom.

That’s because many people don’t want their country or their lives transformed. People want to be free. People want to keep their own money. People want to make their own choices. And people don’t want a politician telling them what to do.

So, when those people push back, the government has to expand their power, take away more freedom, and centralize control more and more.

After enough time passes, the politicians with the “utopian vision” end up forgetting about that vision, and instead spend all their time obsessed with expanding their power and maintaining that control.

With that in mind, it’s quite disturbing to see one of Catherine McKenna’s latest videos on Twitter. You can view it below:

“Together, we’re transforming the way Canadians live, move, and work! ??‍♀️ In #OttawaCentre, we’ve invested more than $22 million in projects that help make cycling a smarter, safer, more practical solution for moving around our city. Let’s make Ottawa the greenest capital!”

Funny, I don’t recall Justin Trudeau campaigning a bunch on ‘transforming’ how Canadians live. Instead, he talked about “the middle class,” which of course was also a lie since he serves only the elites.

Again, Canadians didn’t vote for a “transformation” of the country. People want a higher standard of living, they want a lower tax burden, and they want a government that is effective and efficient.

Also, in a democratic nation, politicians are supposed to be servants of the public. Servants are not supposed to “transform” our lives, they are supposed to serve.

Dictators are the ones who talk about “transforming” everything, since dictators are consumed with the need to have the power to remake everything in their own image.

When we consider all of this, we can realize it’s no coincidence that Justin Trudeau talked about how he loved China’s “Basic Dictatorship” that “gets stuff done,” and mentioned that while discussing climate policy.

By making that absurd statement, and by forcing the carbon tax on unwilling provinces combined with McKenna’s demonization of Canadians who disagree with her, we can see the dangerous authoritarian impulse driving much of McKenna and Trudeau’s mindset.

The Canadian People must stand against politicians who seek to control and transform our lives, and instead elect people who seek to reduce the burden of government, expand our freedom, and ensure that we have the liberty to live our own lives as we see fit, make our own choices, and respect our ability to decide the future of our country for ourselves.