A startling new report shows that Canada Revenue Agency has been lying to Canadians with diabetes on changes to how it assesses applications for the disability tax credit.

The new system requires adults with Type 1 diabetes to spend at least 14 hours a week on activities, specified by the agency, related to administering insulin. A patient’s physician must confirm those hours to the CRA. The foundation argues that most patients do not require the 14 hours and that therefore they will be denied all access to the tax credit.

“It put into place a practice whereby no matter what a doctor or a nurse practitioner certifies for their patient, the agent is to disbelieve that and say no,” said Hanson at a news conference Monday in Ottawa.

Context: Since May, people with Type 1 diabetes have complained that hundreds of them were suddenly being turned down for the tax credit.

Memo Change: A secret memo found by the group shows that CRA has been directed to assume adults would rarely need that much time, regardless of what a physician says.

Daniels Spike: so far, denials of the disability tax credit for the life-sustaining therapy category under which Type 1 diabetics fall, has spiked 70 percent.


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