Earlier today the Canadian Coalition of Firearm Rights posted screenshots of a CTV poll which asked if Urban areas should have a total ban on guns.

Most interestingly the poll maintained a large no vote until the poll gained nearly 13,000 new votes within 33 minutes, a bump that was highly irregular. CTV than took the poll down without any explanation or response.

A small group of gun supporters are arguing that the poll may have been tampered with due to its initial response.

One individual wrote “Sounds like the poll was hacked. Apparently it’s easy to do. Computers can vote 12000 times in that amount of time. I highly doubt anyone could organize 12000 people to mass vote in that short a time frame”

Update* The CTV has now released the poll with the original numbers after many angry citizens contacted the station.

Update 2* This does mean that an outside group likely tried to tamper with the vote.

Update 3* The results have now been removed again from the CTV.



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