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CTV may have lied about Patrick Brown

The former leader of Ontario’s Progressive Conservative party is not going down without a fight.

Patrick Brown said earlier this week in an interview with Postmedia that he’s contemplating legal action to restore his reputation in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations, which he calls “absolute lies.”

He furthermore posted on his Facebook page today that he will present proof. In the post, he explained that the events were not told as they actually occurred and that both stories where likely fake.

He stated “the first accuser told a story about an incident that she claimed took place in my second floor, upstairs bedroom with the door closed. At the time of the alleged incident, I lived in a ground floor, open concept apartment and there was no second-floor bedroom nor a door to any bedroom. THIS STORY IS FALSE. Interestingly, I understand from the first accuser’s Facebook and from people we both know that she was housemates with a CTV reporter.”

Patrick Brown also said “the second accuser’s story is also absurdly false. It was she who tried to kiss me, while the woman I was seeing was in another room. I stopped her immediately and offered to drive her home, which I did. There are at least three witnesses, one of whom even spoke to CTV, which refute the details of her allegations. CTV left that out of the story.”

It will be interesting to see what will occur as a result of his attempts to clear his name, but one thing is for certain.

Due process was skipped here, and there is more to understand. The media and his own party responded without the public hearing the accused’s side and that in itself is a problem. We are shifting to a society in which serial and thought out arguments are not needed, where proof is not needed.

An environment in which fear mongering, allegations and momentary scandals fanned by social media end careers and lives. It is time we demanded answers from CTV and furthermore listened to all sides before making decisions.

Background: Two women, who were not publicly identified in the CTV report, said unwanted sexual advances were made when they were drunk and Brown, a teetotaler and Conservative MP for Barrie at the time, was sober.

Leadership Response: Ontario Progressive Conservative party leadership candidate Christine Elliott says that if her predecessor can clear his name, he should be able to run for the party in the next election.

Update: The reporter which broke the Patrick Brown story for CTV may have been suspended.

Update 2: CTV has confirmed that parts of the story where false. The two accusers maintain their “core” story still stands.

Update 3: Patrick Brown has posted publicly displaying some of the problems behind CTV’s reporting.

Update 4: Patrick has announced that he will be suing CTV.

Update 5: Patrick Brown has passed a lie detector test on this subject.


  • I'm not a Conservative but I believe in due process. Not all allegations should be taken as fact. As I said I believe in due process.

    • Thank you.

      I happen to be Conservative, but along with you, I "due process" trumps political affiliation.

      It is what makes our Canadian legal system one of the strongest in the world. It is why we can (were able to) say; "Innocent until proven guilty..." and now that seems in recent years to be no more. All Canadians should be afraid of what is happening.

      He lost a career because of, well, maybe or maybe not, breaking the law. IF he is guilty then he should pay the price after a judge bangs his/her gavel. IF he is innocent, the FALSE accusers should pay the price... otherwise our legal system is cheapened to the level of a country that none of us wish to live in.

      • I agree with your thoughts that any accusations should go through a legal court, in fact the proceedings should be kept private in the court. Once a verdict is arrived at then and only then can the press file a true story. The Media has gotten completely irresponsible in not doing follow up and checking sources to verify that the story is correct. The media is today in a frenzy to be the first to report sex scandals, We Canadians thought this was only in the U.S.A. but the Canadian media organization are no better than their cousins to the south. Trudeau today commented that the The Rebel was a disgusting organization and not reputable. Well I will give them credit for least telling us what is happening in Canadian politics, when the major medias don't report, and allow the citizens to draw their own conclusions, like we had in the old days. Shame on the News Media, your governed by the Government as in a Socialist or communism state. So Much for Free Speech.

  • Well, when one considers the possibility of open ended funding if one supports the left without question, anything is possible! I hope in the end that should there be a party found to be less forthright they are totally destroyed in the public eye and forever forced to live in obscurity!

  • Frankly, the accusations seem very fishy, especially this close to an election. Even a half wit liberal can see that

    • Except these allegations have been around for years. IF the liberals wanted to do damage they would have waited 2 more months. The general scuttlebutt at Queens Park is that this was an inside job by those that thought Brown would blow the election.

      • Yes but they wanted to reorganize and needed enough time to do so. They knew what would happen when Patrick Brown stepped down. And even as unorganized as it looked at first, they were ready for it. Don't worry, this was a really well thought out political hit, but there going to get hit by the ricochet.

  • The more I read the more outraged I am....CTV should lose their media credentials, they shouldn't be allowed to report on Groundhog Day festivities....and Rachel Aiello should be working at a Subway. Reporting is supposed to be impartial, which means reporting both sides...advising Patrick Brown of the allegations and offering him the chance to be intereviewed, not calling him up a couple hours before airing to say "we're about to torpedo your career and reputation".

  • I'm apolitical. I vote for the person I feel will best represent my interests at each election. I DO NOT BELIEVE ANYONE SHOULD BE DEEMED GUILLTY BECAUSE OF ACCUSATIONS, especially if those accusations are denied. What ever happened to INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY?

  • I hope he does take legal action. Once everything has been proven and if he is innocent, then he should take everyone to task, EVERYONE. The ladies who made the allegations, and any media who has been proven to lie. Seems far too easy to destroy a man's reputation with one salacious comment.

  • Totally agree.innocent until proven guilty.
    This works for both sides.sober second thought for the accusers and retribution for the accused.
    Freedom of the press should also be held to a higher standard.lets forbid sensational news until properly investigated and substantiated reputations are hard won and now it seems easily lost.shame on us

    • Matt, have you ever looked into a report from The Rebel? They provide facts, and evidence that their story is factually based, rather than hyperbole, which is more than can be said about the rest of our mainstream media. Very few these days provide back up statements, evidence from police stations or testimony? I admit that some of the stories are geared towards causing trouble, but wouldn't you rather have the truth if it makes you mad, than a lie which makes you ignorant? If you can provide refutable evidence that the stories presented by The Rebel are fabricated for a specific purpose, then you can pursue their broadcasting license, though until then, they will remain a thorn in the side of those the refuse to listen or tell the truth.

  • You don't hear of CTV news reporter being suspended to often. Generally they get away with everything but this tells me this guy reported some false information that directly impacts CTV News and could end up in a law suite. But it also speaks volumes to Patrick being innocent as well. I suspect that Patrick Brown will take them to court to completely clear his name. But let this be a lesson to all reporters out there. I would really like to know who these two false accusers are. Why hasn't someone dragged them out into the spotlight. After all, it was CTV News that promised they'd stay anonymous, nobody else did.

  • CTV is on more than thin ice.... I still do not believe either of theses eomen and I still say they as well as CTV should be charged with defamation of Character

  • This what can happen when you have a rush to judgement situation. Mr. Brown should be given an immediate court date to face his accusers(he will have to charge them as no charges have been laid). IF these two women are found to be lying...then Mr. Brown should be reinstated as leader of his party NOW.

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