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Could Jody Wilson-Raybould lead the NDP to victory?
Could Jody Wilson-Raybould lead the NDP to victory?

Could Jody Wilson-Raybould lead the NDP to victory? 

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As Canada grapples with the potential consequences of the SNC-Lavalin scandal, one thing is becoming obvious.

The most high profile MP in the country at this moment is not Justin Trudeau, but rather Jody Wilson-Raybould.

By allegedly defying the PMO’s request she has shown to Canadians that she cannot be bought.

In effect, she has proven that she’s authentic—a rare trait in the political world.

Regardless of which side of the aisle you stand on, there is a lot to respect there, and even more for voters to latch onto during an election.

But where does that leave Wilson-Raybould?

She was the first indigenous attorney general and a megastar within the Liberal caucus. Her future should not be spent in the back benches of the Liberal party.

Instead they could be spent breathing much needed life into the NDP.

Under the current leadership of Jagmeet Singh the party has become a shell of itself, only remaining competitive in British Columbia.

The party averaged 13% in the most recent poll by Nanos research.

This really should not be the case. The Prime Minister has not governed from the right or the left. He has been a broadly partisan mess and has failed on key promises made to both sides of the aisle.

While Andrew Scheer has managed to capitalize on Trudeau’s problematic deficits and wordy but ultimately empty answers, Singh has failed to call out the Prime Minister on such mistakes as dropping electoral reform.

The petition on that topic by Nathan Cullen currently has more signatures than any other petition on the website. More than number two and three combined.

The plethora of on-camera moments were Mr. Singh has looked radically unprepared, such as the highly publicized case with the Chinese Ambassador, or the handling of the party’s stance on Venezuela have also not helped him in his career.

As a replacement, Jody could rapidly rebuild the NDP by calling out the Trudeau Liberal’s on their double standards towards women, indigenous issues, the Trans-Mountain project, crony-capitalism as well as electoral reform.

She would be able to present a vibrant progressive platform, without the promises appearing empty and in vain.

This could be a huge winner in 2019, for a fairly simple explanation.

Andrew Scheer has not grown the Conservative tent, in fact with the existence of PPC leader Maxime Bernier, it would not be unfair to say the tent has shrunk since 2015.

As a result, the same progressive forces, if marshaled properly, could win once again in 2019.

Will she run?

Some things though are not about yes or no, they are about when.

As shown in the video below, Jody Wilson-Raybould has had the dream of becoming Prime Minister since a very young age.

Her path to one of the highest positions in the Prime Minister’s cabinet, shows how much she likely still believes in that dream. She has helped with some of the toughest cases that the Canadian government must deal with, such as reconciliation.

If the Liberal base does not abandon the Prime Minister, Jody Wilson-Raybould could be the best chance for a progressive alternative.

So how would she get there? Singh would likely have to lose the coming election in Burnaby South, leading to a new leadership race.

While that could be possible, the current candidate for the Liberals, Richard Lee appears far too unlikely to succeed at challenging Singh.

On the right, the PPC and PCs continue to fight, making it highly unlikely that either party will actually be able to win the seat.

Outside of this, the NDP leader would have to face severe attacks from within his base to step aside. That could be possible, given the record low polling, but would still be difficult given the increase in support Singh would likely receive by finally stepping foot in question period.

So what else could occur? The NDP could face a devastating defeat in the upcoming general election.

Opening the way for a fresh leadership race, along with brand new candidates. In that race she could most likely sweep the slate.

In almost all cases, the NDP would be left with a new high-energy, and authentic leader, that could openly challenge the Liberals and the Conservatives.

It might take a few tries, and it might seem unorthodox, but ultimately it may be worth it.

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