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Convicted murderer gets PTSD treatment on Veterans Affairs’ dime

Christopher Garnier from Halifax, was sentenced to prison for the murder of off-duty police officer Catherine Campbell last year.

Mr. Garnier strangled 36 year old Catherine and attempted to dispose of her body using a compost bin. He has been charged and sentenced for second-degree murder and interfering with a dead body.

It has been revealed by Crown lawyer Christine Driscoll that Mr. Garnier is receiving psychological counselling paid for by Veterans Affairs Canada. However, the accused has never served in the army but because his father was a veteran, who also had PTSD, the treatment is fully paid for.

“When a man or woman serves in Canada’s armed forces or the RCMP, their whole family serves with them. That is why the government of Canada has made it a priority to not only improve benefits and services for our nation’s veterans, but for their families as well” commented Veterans Affairs on the arrangement.

Mr. Garnier and Catherine Campbell met for the first time in a bar and was murdered by the accused only a few hours later in a north end apartment.

After psychological assessment, a report released to the jury claimed that Mr. Garnier suffered acute stress disorder because of the murder and he can’t remember disposing of the body.

“The testimony of Dr. Hucker clearly indicates that there is a strong link between Mr. Garnier’s illness and his interference with human remains; therefore, it should be considered a mitigating factor in his sentencing (on that charge),” said his defence attorney.

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