In the wake of Jody Wilson-Raybould’s devastating testimony on PMO’s involvement on the SNC-Lavalin scandal Andrew Scheer called for the Prime Minister’s resignation; this was a political miscalculation.  The Conservative party’s only hope in October seems to rest on the Canadian people voting on a referendum of Justin Trudeau. 

The negative impact of all the radical Liberal policies have yet to be felt in the pocketbooks of everyday Canadians. Things are down-trending but not yet disastrous.  A different Liberal would be able to shake off all of Trudeau’s baggage.

Now, by no means is this an endorsement of Justin Trudeau, a man I believe I once labelled the “Cryminister of Peoplekind” in this very publication.  I am simply saying that Trudeau’s brand is so toxic that it represents the best, and possibly only path to a Conservative government going forward.

The Conservatives need to face facts with Andrew Scheer. His name recognition is terrible. Their plan seems to be, to be as boring as possible and hope that Trudeau and the Liberals shoot themselves in the foot.  This approach was on full display with Scheer’s introductory adds which, if you didn’t see them, could be easily summed up as “Hi, I am Andrew Scheer, and I love my mommy.”

For the most part, this has paid off.  Justin Trudeau has undermined his initial image and alienated a wide swath of Canadians.  Doctors, farmers and small business owners are “tax cheats” according to Trudeau and Morneau, who strangely kept their trust funds untouched by their new tax laws.  Veterans are “asking for too much” while Omar Khadr gets 10.5 million and foreign aid for nonsense like Homeopathy in Honduras is never ending.  Male construction workers are “damaging to the social fabric” and let’s not even get into the mutual dislike that he and Alberta have for each other.

Justin Trudeau’s resignation would only help the Liberals chances.  We know this because we have seen it before Federally with Paul Martin’s swap with John Chretien to avoid scrutiny with the sponsorship scandal and Provincially with Kathleen Wynne’s swap with Dalton McGinty to skirt blame for the gas plant scandal.

Trudeau’s likely replacement at this point seems to be Chrystia Freeland, who’s string of failures as Foreign Minister will be sold to the public as “feminist empowerment”.  Let’s face it, in 2019 “hey, look a woman” is a much better campaign than slogan than “my mom is my best friend, drink milk.”  This would leave Canada in the hands of the only person in the country more thoroughly despised by our closet ally than Justin Trudeau.

There is another reason why Scheer’s call for Trudeau’s resignation was misplayed.  Where does he go from here?  There is still a lot of time before the next election and how can Scheer top himself at the next Trudeau scandal?

During the next cabinet shuffle when Omar Khadr is made Minister of Defense, what are the Conservatives going to call for?  A firing squad?

Has Trudeau lost the moral creditability to lead the country?  Of course, but politics is a game for the pragmatic.

Andrew Scheer is walking a tight line in the next election relying on party over personality.  He will have to deal with Maxime Bernier to the Right and the Social Justice attacks from the Left painting him as “literally Hitler”.  In October he will need all the help he can get from the Conservative’s secret weapon, Justin Trudeau’s shattered image.